Breaking News: Randy Orton Suspended For 60 Days

Posted by Brad Davis May 30, 2012 35 Comments

WWE has announced that Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days effective Wednesday for his second violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program. One more violation and he will be fired. Here’s the official statement from the WWE website:

Randy Orton suspended for 60 days

STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company’s policy.

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    • WWE Fan

      Suspensions are bad news, but, If anything, this suspension will make his return in 60 days a big deal and refresh his character a bit, as well as storylines.

    • Chris

      That’s wack y don’t y’all get ridd of the big show and wack John laurinaitis randy orton aint going to be there for 2 months guess I need to find something else to watch everybody is breaking policy y’all ain’t doing anything to them

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        I spot a mark.

    • me

      wwe should hire me as general manager for both shows i can do a lot better than any of the past except teddy long

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        … there’s one

    • rhonda

      the talent wellness sucks. they should have done that to randy orton

    • Laura Nyberg

      that’s just crazy what did Randy do I can’t see them suspending him I can’t see him doing anything really bad or aweful I wish that coming Friday that they’ll say what he did for getting suspended

      • Better than you.

        He violated the talent wellness programme, which as said above is an anti-drug law within the company, so Orton obviously took some type of drug, be it weed, or steroids(which I doubt because he is quite slender) or a class A drug, but that’s why he got suspended because he took drugs.

        • L-Block

          I thought weed got knocked down to like a $2,500 dollar fine or something like that

        • AreYouSeriousBro

          it is not just an anti-drug law, it is for alcohol as well. You cannot consume alcohol up to 12 hours before any event or scheduled appearance. So, that is a possibility. Also, it is in fact possible that Randy took some form of steroid or performance enhancer recently, due to bringing him back sooner after his injury than planned. Being 2nd top babyface in the company, he has more of a rigorous schedule with appearences and being at every show, and that can cause alot of stress and tension in your body, throw in a few injuries not properly healed, and just put the pieces together. I don’t believe it was weed or something like that, because he would have been caught by now. It isn’t like he just randomly decided to try out weed one day, he isn’t that stupid, he knows the restrictions and he has been around long enough to know what is acceptable, and what is against the rules.

    • Tony Jackson

      People’s Power !!!

    • Keith Brennett

      The wellness program is a anti drug law they created after the death of Eddie G. so I can only assume it has something to do along those lines

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        If I’m not mistaken, it was actually after the death of Chris Benoit, but Eddie’s death was also linked into it as well. I may be wrong…


      wat i dont understand is they want to bring back brochs punk a** why they dont bring back good ol GOLDBERG

      • Gambit

        because A: Goldberg isnt interested in coming back yet. and B: he is a horrible wrestler and entertainer who got pushed to far and too soon

        • razor

          wrong, goldberg was wrestling for wcw! like it or not u watched to see him win then watched to see when he lost. when he beat hollywood hogan u cheered ur ass off (not saying much since hogan is a 3 move has been). then when he debuted in wwe u geeked out. dont hate someone u have paid to watch/hear about


      they know damn welllthey gonna make orton snap the hell off he is as popular as john cena if ne thing big showw should be going bye bye he is just doing too too much

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        … and another

    • The Miz

      when orton returns.. he will be a heel..

    • 3rd generation Fan

      Too many Red Bulls causing rage?

    • David James Edge

      Dang it Randy get it together kid.. and where is the Rock? so much for not leaving lol

    • Randall Kush Orton


    • mistico

      I hope Randy can kick his use of illegal drugs. One more and he is off to TNA. =/

    • Terry

      I think they should suspend John Laurinaitis indefinite, send him back to the office, he is no GM

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        …here’s one more.

    • Peter

      Just goes to show that WWE is serious about their Welness Policy. If Orton, a guy who is in-contract with the company for the next 20 years can be suspended, then there’s no way the new guys can get away with it and should keep doing it.

    • Ice

      Let’s hope he returns heel as the legend killer and to his previous theme which was his first was the best. This one with “Voices” and Viper gimmick thing got boring.

    • Broski

      I feel bad for Orton.

      Maybe Orton’s taking drugs, painkillers, or whatever because maybe he needed some sort of relief. This guy’s been working very hard eversince.


      he did go…over the limit

    • Smarmy Mark

      Bet he’ll claim it was when he had that back injury during his feud with Mark Henry and came back wayyy too soon…. Guy’s been clean for a long long time though – unless he just wanted a vacation and the office figured it’s a good way to set an example for the younger guys, seeing as everyone complains about certain talent being on juice but not being busted for it…

      Rock was clearly on juice in his comeback run…. wonder if they ever tested him??

    • Fire And Ice

      Well Seems Like They Would Learn The first time to not used illegal prescriptions In the first place,
      now 1 of the top superstars could or will be out the door soon if he caught again in the wwe i beleve 3 strikes and your out and randy is in strike 2

    • Ashley Cary

      If wwe fires Randy Orton, wrestling will SUCK!! He is the best!!

    • Ice

      Legend Killer Orton with “Burn In Mt Light” theme > Viper Orton with “Voices” theme

    • Dorr

      Other than all being suspended at the moment, what does Orton, Mysterio and Jericho all have in common? They were all CM Punk’s opponents in the last 3 Wrestlemanias.

    • Sucre

      Look at what just force them! eg Lesnar-CENA, TAKER-Triple H .. And not to mention ALL TLC matches .. the truth is that it is Entertainment, but the torture of the body … and then punish them for pills for pain … well, the worse from Dana and the UFC

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