Bret Hart: “Hulk Hogan’s A Two-Faced, Backstabbing, Steroid Freak”

Posted by Brad Davis March 3, 2011 15 Comments

The war of words between WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan is heating up. To recap, Bret Hart was asked by one of his Twitter followers on Wednesday night what he thought about Hulk Hogan. Hart wrote:

Hogan’s nothing but a two-faced, backstabbing, steroid freak who deserved everything he got.

It didn’t take long for Hulk Hogan to respond to those harsh words. Hogan tweeted on Thursday morning:

Listen to where Bretts speaking from,it’s funny he’s done everything he’s saying I did. HH

Bret Hart has responded to Hulk Hogan once again with the following:

@HulkHogan4Real That’s not what John Graziano thinks, dickhead.

As many know, John Graziano is the young man who was a passenger in Nick Hogan’s car during Nick’s August 2007 car wreck that left Graziano permanently brain damaged. Hulk Hogan was sued by the Graziano family and settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money last February.


Last and only comment for Bret. I hope he finds happiness in life, I feel bad for him and I have totally forgiven him much respect.

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    • sumguy

      lol wow. war of words between hogan and bret. lol can’t they all get along? lol

    • johnny 5

      is this even real are these in fact there twitter account names? another thing the only reason Graziano’s family sued was because hulk had money and they decided hell lets get our moneys worth so i got no respect for a family who uses there sons accident to rape a man of his money and tell themselves and everyone around them that they did it to get justice for their son.

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        So the family of the boy was just suppose to forgive and forget? This wasn’t like “I slipped in snow in front of your house, give me millions”. It was “You’re son basically killed my son and the cost to keep him clinging to what little amount of life he has left is going to be astronomical.”

    • IS

      Sting has became TNA WHC for the third time by defeating Jeff Hardy at his return day.

      • catsrulz

        gezzz everyone for the last week has knowen Sting won the belt on his return Had to get it off the drug dealer before he goes to jail. It wouldnt lok good if the champ was put in jail while stile the holder of the belt. But it be neat if it did happen to see how TNA would handle it

    • Mustaffa

      hogans boy raped their son of life

    • Jason

      Was hogans boy drunk during the accident or was that just a rumor I heard?

      • Sabre300

        Yeah, Nick, Hulk and Graziano were out bar-hopping before they went racing down the street against each other.

    • sumguy

      yeah he was.

    • JESTER

      Jeff Hardy is a great athlete, and idk why TNA doesnt use it as a storyline, their supposed to be the No Rules Show right? they should just stop beating Around the bush and just come out and say in a promo Jeff Hardy has been vacated from his title due to being incarcerated. lol now thats bada**. xDD

      p.s. now Aj Styles i snew champ & is going to promo lessons cuz he sucks with his country boy accent, Great wrestler but terrible mic skills.

    • Doc.G

      I am ashamed of both of them

    • stinger

      what does sting have to do with this??

    • Damn

      That is well said, johnny 5! Did Nick Hogan hold a gun to John’s head and say get in the car? No. I am pretty sure John most likely was all for speeding, racing and all that. The only reason why the Graziano’s sued like you said is because Hogan has the big money, brother.

      • Sabre300

        John really had no choice when Nick decided to race his dad though. I am glad Hogan lost alot of his money with both the case and the divorce, it all made him something he was never before.

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