Bret Hart: I Don’t Give A Damn About The Montreal Screwjob

Over a decade later, fans still question Bret Hart about the “screwjob” incident that happened at Survivor Series 1997. A fan recently tweeted to Hart, “Your brother Smith Hart said in an interview that Stu Hart stated, “Bret should have just done the job in Montreal.” Any truth to that?” Here is what Bret had to say‚Ķ

“I’ve had numerous conversations w/my dad about Montreal & he never ever indicated anything of this sort to me.”

“There are certain members of my family that never miss an opportunity 2 tear me down or minimize my achievements. My dad’s nickname for my brother Smith was “shed”, short for shithead. So take it from the source.”

“I don’t give a damn what anyone says re:Montreal & it’s a dead issue.”