Bret Hart Says Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff Are Worthless

Posted by Matt Boone March 4, 2013 9 Comments

- In a new interview with WrestleTalk TV Extra, Bret Hart talked about Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and more. He said about Hogan and Bischoff:

“I’ve got no faith in either one of them. If anything, they’re [TNA] going to lose a lot of ground. They’re spending a fortune on a guy who’s worthless. And Bischoff’s as worthless as Hogan, the two of them have zero to offer the business. The only thing Hulk Hogan ever knew was how to make Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t tell you how to make AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. What’s Hulk Hogan going to tell Samoa Joe? He doesn’t know anything to even tell him, he’s got zero to offer.”

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    • Hulkster

      Y’know something Brother??…. Take it Eaaazzzzy there (S)Hitman… first you talk crap about HHH, and now now me?? .. You’ve got old and bitter brother. Why don’t you go bang that 23 yr old you married .. that is if you can still get it up after Goldberg kicked your head in! – HH

    • Derp

      Bret Hart is one of the few who will tell it like it is. And he’s right, Bischoff and Hogan have 0 to offer.

      • Jaques Rougeau

        shut up derp.. you’re just a gay canadian

        • Unknowm

          Maybe but you are just an old washed up senile 80s fan who won’t let go of the past

    • Papa Georgio

      He is right. Hogan is a prima donna and had way more title reigns than he deserved. He should have dropped the title to more talented wrestlers, like Savage, Ordorff or Bundy to name a few, in his first World Title reign considering how many times Flair dropped the NWA World Title over the years. Anyway, Hogan and Bischoff have done more harm than good to TNA and the organization would do better without wither of them. Come on TNA, take outt the trash (not naming any names), get back the six-sided ring and worry about building a solid reputation for quality entertainment before you even consider going head-to-head with the WWE. Thanks for calling it as it is Bret.

    • No Heart

      Brett “The Bitter Old Man” Hart

    • Beer Money Jobber

      First off, I never could stand Chump Hogan. He’s just an old doo ragged toilet seat headed pervert. I’m still pissed from the time he beat the Iron Shiek for the title. But, all Bret Hart does anymore is bitch. Maybe he should join BaBa WaWa on The View. He could bitch every day on that bitchfest.

    • Cody McDowd

      Sorry Bret but I have to disagree. Granted I think Hogan and his daughter are over paid but the company is now making the long awaited transition from impact zone to going on the road which could help the company. They don’t have the same impact they had in WCW but they are steering the company growth in the right direction. The only major flaw with them is mismanagement of the tna originals AJ styles and Samoa Joe.

    • Genuine

      I disagree with Bret. He has become a very bitter and angry man. I began to see his hostility after his brother Owen’s tragic death. .Then Bret had a stroke and seem to be more angry. It’s strange how Hogan & Bischoff were loved by many in WWE.but are hated by most after joining Tna Impact Wrestling, I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 20 years. I watch WWE, TNA and ROH but enjoy TNA more than the other 2.

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