Bret Hart Speaks On CM Punk Situation, Daniel Bryan/WMXXX & More

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2014 9 Comments

The following are highlights of a new Boston Herald interview with Bret “The Hitman” Hart:

On his classic Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania: “We both made that a classic match that will never, ever lose its shine. I remember there was a certain point when I had to be setting up a move with exactly five minutes left in the match. I remember setting up on the second rope and looking at the score clock, and there was exactly four minutes and 59 seconds left in the match. There’s no wasted moves, and there was precision in every move.”

On his classic WrestleMania match with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: “They ended up throwing me and Steve together and it was kind of an ice-cold story line,” said Hart. “That was a big disappointment, at first, for Steve and me. We’d just fought months earlier at the Survivor Series, and even though we loved working together, he was looking for someone new to work with and I was looking for Shawn.”

“The match with Austin was pro wrestling’s version of the best MMA fight,” said Hart. “Steve even calls me once in a while and goes, ‘I got our match on.’ He always tells me it’s his favorite he’s ever had, and it’s the same for me.”

“I’ve always felt that Steve was good enough to make it on his own anyway, but I do like to think I played a role in helping him.”

On how he would book WrestleMania XXX: “I hope they give Daniel Bryan his chance to win the belt at WrestleMania. He earned it a long time ago, but it wouldn’t surprise me — like Charlie Brown with the football — if they pull it away from him one last time. I really hope they give him his proper run, as he hasn’t had the opportunity yet to be the champion he deserves to be. Hopefully this year at WrestleMania, it will be a crowning achievement for Daniel Bryan.”

On the CM Punk situation: “When you look at it closely, Punk’s burned out. He’s always given 100 percent in all his matches, and delivered some of the best pay-per-view matches in the past 10 years. And it’s not easy when there are legends who only work part-time, and guys like Punk and Bryan do all the work, and watch someone like Brock Lesnar walk in and take those big matches and big paydays without having to be on the road all the time. I think that had a lot to do with his decision, and rightfully so.”

“One of Vince McMahon’s favorite sayings is, ‘Life’s not fair.’ I don’t see Punk being a factor at WrestleMania, but he still has a lot of greatness left in him. As a fan, I hope he comes back, and as a wrestler, I have a lot of respect for him, too.”

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    • Plissken

      He talks about Brock Lesnar but he could have talked about Batista about the situation.
      Whether you like him or not, Punk has worked more than hard to get there. WM XXX must have been like the dream of a kid. So, when you come to that guy and tell him : “OK, son, thank for all that you have done these years. But, the big match of WM, you won’t be in. Instead, we are going to put Batista that haven’t done any matches these recent days and who have talked trash on the company when he left. Sorry kid, life’s a b*tch.”

      I’m not saying Punk is right or wrong but when you have a minimum of ego, his reaction is quite understandable.

      And… well… for the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania, how the WWE can have thought that putting Batista in THE big match instead of one of their most popular wrestler would be a great idea

      • Chris beniot

        Hate on Batista? Why? He’s not a part timer like someone like DVD that gets cheered. He signed a full time contract. He came back to wrestle, not be like lesnar or rvd. Who by the way sell ppvs, so who cares about punk crying cuzz he can’t do a main event wrestlemania (which he deserves from Wwe universe eyes) but he probably is a bitch back stage and doesn’t deserve it because of his attitude.

        • ragin

          have you watch batista matches lately he’s looks and moves like a old guy that shouldn’t be wrestling in the main event at mania, so batista is so boring when he out in the ring talking about how much he love this business that why you took four years off a hole. hope he leaves and doesn’t come back again

          • P.P. Johnny

            P.P. Johnny agrees & want to add Boo-tista is so bad that he can’t even coordinate his entrance with the pyro. He’s so out of sync.

            • troll

              Bootista is terrible. He’s nothing without his steroids

              his calves are tiny. Those knee pads that he’s trying to use to cover them isn’t helping either.

            • Ross Smaglinski

              He doesn’t even have pecks any more

          • josh

            Batista shouldn’t even work a main event match on raw nvm wrestlemania lol

        • Plissken

          The problem is that Batista was elsewhere during that time when Punk was breaking his bones for WWE.
          Maybe Punk is a whiner but you do a great job for a company and think you are about to have a promotion… and your boss say “Hey… you know what, thank you for your work but the promotion will be for someone that haven’t work here for a while.”
          Reaction totally understandable of Punk for me.

    • JayRoz

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….when CM Punk was first reported as leaving the WWE the information given stated he was unhappy with how hardworking talent was being treated with part time guys coming in. Nowhere did it say he left because he couldn’t be in the main event at wrestlemania. I like how this has become the “facts” He didn’t want to be in a storyline with Kane, who let’s face it, is nowadays more of a mid-carder anyway….sure, that was mentioned, but his reason for leaving was never stated as being because he wasn’t in the title picture at WM. So why are people being hard on him? He quit because the people (not just himself) that he felt should be treated better and he quit because he was making a point. I personally think it took balls to walk away from what he had on behalf of himself and others. How many other people would stand up for themselves and co-workers in an industry where there is only one place for employment? I’m going to say not many.

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