Brock Lesnar Attends UFC PPV, Might Fight For UFC Again

Posted by Brad Davis May 27, 2012 7 Comments

Brock Lesnar was cageside at Saturday night’s UFC 146 pay-per-view and could be returning to the organization next year, according to UFC president Dana White.

At the UFC 146 post-show press conference, Dana White was asked whether there was anything to Lesnar being at the show. He responded, “maybe” and smiled. White said, “He was here, I think that says it all.” He said Brock Lesnar contacted him and requested to meet with him at the UFC event face to face. When asked directly if Lesnar could be returning to UFC and responded, “Possibly, yeah.”

Lesnar is signed with WWE through Wrestlemania 29 in April 2013. While Lesnar’s multimillion dollar deal did come with unprecedented stipulations (limited appearances, the ability to wear his own sponsors, etc.), it’s unknown whether he would be able to fight for UFC before next April.

Check out this video of UFC President Dana White’s comments regarding Brock Lesnar’ potential return to the UFC:

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    • Matt Rayfield

      I knew Brock would not want to be around wwe for long. That is all he is ever known for with the WWE is coming in for a few fights with wwe stars then giving up on a possible wrestling career. That is all he will ever be known for in his time with the WWE.


      Dana White is such a F A G.

      • xpac > 2pac

        joe rogan is a bigger fag

        • Common Sense

          Vince is the God of All Fags.

          • TNAHater

            Dixie Carter is a fag’s wet dream

    • Ice

      Oh who cares, i really dont find Lesnar entertaining anymore in WWE!!

    • wwefans4life

      Brock come back is making the excitement but it was not i expect. Is true that Brock come back is good for business but not for entertainment. I believe Brock is giving his last career in WWE. He’s no longer the Brock that i use to watch as the “Next Big Things”. Anyway, just hope coming along the way he can try to entertain us for 1 last time if possible.

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