Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic After Extreme Rules

Posted by Brad Davis May 1, 2012 20 Comments

Brock Lesnar’s match with John Cena at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view got rave reviews from most fans who saw the show, but Lesnar went ballistic backstage after the match and was screaming at WWE officials and ripping apart the locker room.

According to, the huge blow-up took place because of the promo John Cena cut after the match.

The original plan was for Cena to be so badly hurt by Lesnar that even though he won, he would be stretchered out, which would keep Lesnar looking strong.

Lesnar perceived Cena’s speech as a double cross by WWE officials and totally lost it backstage.

The angle on RAW with Lesnar and Triple H and Lesnar’s temporary departure from WWE television was the plan all along, but relations between Lesnar and WWE are not good at the moment.

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    • Jeremy Gordon

      Grow up Brock.

      • Willie Lump Lump

        WWE reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally screwed themselves bringing that psycho back.

        • Muhammad

          i think you’re right.
          at first, i thought it was gonna be a good deal but knowing Lesnar can be such a Prima donna, i think its better for him to return to UFC and get beaten again.

    • momo

      guess what brock ..
      u lost ..
      get over it ..
      such a baby

    • this fire burns

      I agree with him.You bring back a ufc talent only to have him lose just like any other talent in the roster.screw you wwe.and screw you people,who even like to call yourselves *fans*.after that fiasco at extreme rules you should be done with wwe too.but then again you are ok with PG and the poor writing.idiots.wont even bother replying.

      • Th_Mssngr

        Oh wah, stop your bitching. Brock’s a prima donna, plain and simple. Who did he think was going to get the best out this deal, him or WWE? Anyway, he should be proud, he had a pretty good match and he looked strong until Cena got his chain involved, so he still comes out smelling of roses.

        As a sidenote, the writing’s been poor and PG for a long time now. Surely you’ve had enough time to decide you don’t like it before now?

        • Wrestlehead

          I see both sides actually. The problem is that WWE is STILL trying to cram Cena down our throats even after all this time. That speech he did was just another attempt by WWE to put Cena over, despite the fact that many fans (I can only speak for the ones here) are tired of ‘Super Cena’. Having him laid out might have been a nice change of pace.

          However, for Brock to expect to come back after an 8 year absence and put himself over at the expense of WWE’s biggest star might be a tad ambitious, and I’m not sure what he was expecting.

          • Sboy

            Did you watch WrestleMania 7 years the rock did the same thing Brock had every right to trash the locker room and I wouldn’t put it past Vince to fire who ever had the idea of Cena giving his speach seeing as he cares more for Brock than anyone else on the roster

            • Darwin

              But the difference is that Brock Lesnar is NOT the Rock.

    • So Over

      WWE sold him a bill of goods and welched. I’d be pissed too. The other issue is the promo didn’t do shit for Cena other than to set up a match with Clownshoes…what a waste. Brock isn’t dumb folks he knows how to sell the show. Blowing up back stage was the wrong way to go about it, but you let someone walk on you once they are bound to do it again.

      • ……


    • mistico

      Chicago Screwjob? But seriously, what did WWE expect? Brock is a loose cannon and SuperCena needs to have the last word.

      • Pillman

        Lesnar is gonna be the next Ultimate Warrior then?

    • sevenofgeorge

      What a cry baby. Brock needs to grow up and get over himself.

    • Blesnar

      i never knew this would be this bad.
      i actually am happy that Cena won their match, i mean after what he’s been through, i gotta say that i respect the guy for standing up even if i know its all part of the storyline.

      as for Brock, when i watched their match i know Cena was the underdog.
      Brock has an MMA experience and he mostly used it on their match, it wasn’t fun even though someone is really getting hurt, it just got so boring when all Brock does it do strikes and not much grappling.

      i really felt good when Cena hit Brock with that chain.
      btw, Brock is a prima donna

    • Peter

      Why did I have the feeling that Cena did the speech on his own and wasn’t planned? Even though Lesnar dominated, he was selling the loss until the last minute by pretty much crawling out of the arena while Cena took the mick and suck our dicks. Not saying Brock should have thrown a tantrum, but he did carry the business at one point and his presence in WWE does give the company more credibility. I’d be pissed too if the guy who was supposedly beaten up no sold me.

      • Wrestlehead

        Don’t give WWE too much credit. I’m pretty sure Vince knew he was going to do that. There’s very little that happens on these programs he’s not aware of. I blame management for still trying to shove Cena down our collective throats.

    • Broski

      Cena stretchered out is waaaayyyyyy better than Cena’s speech! Screw WWE!

    • Okamster123

      LMAO …. The fight was fake, or rather said, scripted, in a real fight brock lesnar would have knocked out Cena seconds after the bell rang. I mean come on, professional UFC fighters tap to Kimora locks but cena doesn’t ? how can you be so naive. The fact that you believe that this was against the script means that the ACTUAL script worked.

    • abdulla Al Saud

      id be pissed too, the outcome of that match was complete bullshit

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