Brock Lesnar Quits WWE & Says He’s Never Coming Back (Video)

Posted by Brad Davis August 21, 2012 11 Comments

Paul Heyman just posted a video on Tout of his client Brock Lesnar quitting WWE:

The news (and a link to Heyman’s video) were posted on Twitter by WWE and listed as “Breaking News.” This is part of a storyline and Lesnar will be wrestling again for WWE in a few months, probably at Survivor Series.

If Brock Lesnar returns at Survivor Series, when the Undertaker is also rumored to be returning, November’s pay-per-view could be the perfect launching pad for a Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker showdown at WrestleMania 29 in April.

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    • 40 dawg

      well, I for one would sell my trailer to watch Undertaker vs Lesnar. A good way for the aging Undertaker to finally hang up the boots too. Lesnar is still very green though, but the drama of it all will sell it.

    • NA

      Thank God, bye bye loser!

    • real 40 dawg

      The rumor is there will be lesnar vs hhh 2 at survivor series. And taker needs to just stay away. Wwe needs to stop relying on legends and use the full time wrestlers they got. I’m sure there are a couple mid carders wwe can elevate to the next level, if not, why keep them?

    • Undertaker316

      i call bull shit on that he will be at survivor series on a rematch against triple h

    • axz

      same as always, all part of the storyline.
      but seriously, THIS IS REALLY LAME!
      this isn’t the 1st time WWE had someone say quit just like with Punk last year.

    • real 40 dawg

      I think it’s definetely best to have an undertaker vs Lesnar match at Mania, Undertaker still has a lot left in him I’m sure and the streak must have a decent opponent to be able to bring in the hype. As far as Heyman goes, he can stay home

    • Jesse Sutton

      just like always being a bitch and quiting just like in MMA

    • b-ri

      he wouldnt be using tout if it was real

    • Sofa

      LOL so he uses wwes TOUT to say he quits ?

    • Axeman

      Good hes a big mouth loser. Ryback would kick Lesnars ass anyway. He hasn’t conquered Ryback! That would be a great meal for Ryback! Feed Him More!

    • Papa Georgio


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