Bryan vs. Barrett Nixed from RAW, Sheamus Reveals Injury, Bray Wyatt

Posted by Matt Boone July 16, 2013 6 Comments

- Bray Wyatt tweeted after attacking R-Truth on last night’s RAW:

“For those inferior: Underneath the Buzzards you will find death, decay, survival, absolution. A complete circle, think about it……..”

– Sheamus noted on Twitter that his RAW role was minimal last night after ladder-related inflammation has doubled the size of his left thigh. He posted this photo:

Sheamus Ladder Injury

– Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett were scheduled to have a lengthy match on last night’s RAW but it was nixed because the promo segment with Paul Heyman and CM Punk went around 4 minutes too long. Instead of cutting Bryan vs. Barrett short, officials decided to nix the match and give Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho more time. Van Dam and Jericho went around 22 minutes and were originally scheduled for a 14 minute match.

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    • Undertaker316

      what did the wyatt family prove by attacking a jobber?

      • Kane, taker, foley vs Wyatt’s

        The same thing sheamus proved when he first came in and destroyed Evan Bourne. So really nothing, its a display, only intention is to capture attention. As it did your asking why, talking about it, balls rolling. Small steps. In the big picture for them, yah was nothing at all, more worthless then eric young holding a women’s belt.

    • D-bYESYES

      r-truth is former us champ

    • Kage

      Jeez, and people say wrestling’s fake…
      Those were some brutal injuries at MITB.

    • The Troll Hunter

      fell asleep during rvd vs y2j…yeah

    • ariel

      wrestling is scripted and fake with the punches connecting etc
      but they suffer a large amount of injuries per year
      and serious injuries due to the physical aspect and things going wrong
      to me wrestlers have the worst life of all athletes low pay unless your the top tier and it ruins their bodies and have substance abuse issue and personal relationship issues so much

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