Bully Ray Talks About Reinventing Himself, Return to WWE, Devon Leaving, and More

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2012 5 Comments

Bully Ray recently spoke with The Phoenix New Times. Here are some highlights.

How he reinvented himself in TNA: “Well, you have to reinvent yourself in this business. I was part of the most successful tag team in the history of pro wrestling, other than the Road Warriors, for 15 years. Twenty-three major world tag team titles and I’ve done just about everything you could possibly do as a tag team on the planet.”

Re-signing with TNA: “My business negotiations with TNA is my business and my business only. The only thing that you need to do is watch me on TV and pay-per-view.”

Devon leaving TNA: “I really could not care less about Devon. I haven’t cared about Devon in almost two years. If Devon didn’t let Chris Sabin kick out of the 3-D, I would’ve never blasted him in the back of the head and turned on him. Devon is not my concern. I have one business interest in Devon outside of TNA and that is [our] professional wrestling school, the Team 3-D Academy. Other than that, I really don’t care about him.

(When asked to comment on Devon’s departure in a non-kayfabe way) “I don’t understand. Non kay…what?… I’m giving you my legit answer. I…really…don’t…care. Whatever he does with his time, and whatever he wants to do is fine. We have one business interest that is extremely successful, so we choose to continue with that successful business interest, which is our wrestling academy. Other than him deciding not to sign, his business. He doesn’t want to be with TNA, his business. Whatever he decides to do with his life, his business.”

If he would return to WWE: “Pro wrestling is a business just like any other business, and you always go where the best opportunities and the best money is. So whenever it comes time to negotiate, I always leave myself open to make whatever the best decision is in my world, in my best interest. Sticking with TNA right now was in my best interest. When my contract is up with TNA, you never know. I might retire, I could end up with another company. You never know where you’re going to end up and you never know if a company’s gonna still want you around. So you always leave things open-ended. It’s a smart move.”

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    • 40 dawg

      So if changing your ring name and using a stupidly annoying catchphrase but still using same old ass move set and ring mannerisms is reinventing yourself? Really, to me it’s the same boring buh buh ray dudley, that has no business being at the spot he currently is at. Main eventers and top tier guys sell merch and tickets, buh buh does none of that. A glorified tag specialist that talked or politicked his way to where he has no business being.

    • Sin Caras Boner

      I hate whe people cant give an honest interview and have to stay in character


        depends on the person i guess.. alot of the wwe superstars give actual honest interviews. tna still trys to make tna seem real

    • billie bence

      bully ray is just a loud mouth and he wins most of his matches by using his chain behind the referee back to me that is not a real man thats a coward without the chain he is nothing devon is a better man than he will ever be

      • Hollow Bonez

        Your such a mark lmao

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