Bully Ray To Explain His Actions On Thursday’s Impact, Update On “Website Takeover”

Posted by Matt Boone March 17, 2013 4 Comments

Furthering the ongoing Aces & Eights storyline, TNA Wrestling announced Saturday afternoon on its official website that they have regained control of their online accounts.

The company had stated Friday, “During Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV from Chicago, someone affiliated with The Aces and Eights gained access to our secure online network at TNA Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. As a result, the Aces conducted a hostile takeover of our Website and Social Media. On Friday night, our Information Technology (IT) personnel regained control of our website. An update on our Social Media will be coming soon. Our Security Department is investigating the situation. We apologize to our fans for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Prior to TNA “regaining” control of its Twitter account, it was revealed by Aces and Eights that organization president Bully Ray will explain how he orchestrated “the greatest con in history” this Thursday on Impact Wrestling.

Their message states, “Dear TNA brass: Your little overpaid nerds may have gotten http://impactwrestling.com back – but we still have your twittah.

“Our President @REALBully5150 will be on Impact next week and tell the whole 9 months story on how he pulled of the greatest con in history!

“We’re talking about a step by step video look at @REALBully5150 genius for those who questioned the Aces and 8s plan!

“Yes… Next Thursday. @TheAcesAnd8s President @REALBully5150 will host a in-depth video look on how he fooled EVERYONE!”

Bully Ray is playing up the storyline on Twitter. He wrote to fellow member Devon, “Bro still LMFAO about how WE fooled them all. The Greatest Tag Team pulled off the Greatest con in wrestling history. #3D.”

Ray then taunted Brooke Hogan, writing, “Hey Hunny Bunny…why wont ya return my calls. Are you mad at me…LOL. xoxo Bully, PRES A’s n 8’s.”

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    • China

      F*ck me dead thats some bad promo, very very tacky indeed. Ace’s and Eights don’t even have a website, why would anyone believe they’d be hackers? They should stick away from online and keep the rogue bikie gang shtick in tact. All their inputs should be on live events and not buying into the online world, thats where the pussies taunt. And that LMFAO LOL bullshit is just southern suburb wack tacky, TNA needs to move out of the honey bunch, 2 years behind suburb attitude, make it central to metropilitan area’s.

      • Josh

        They are recycling the nWo storyline. When the nWo took over WCW, they also took over the website and emails.
        This is Bischoff and Hogan using the 7 year rule.

    • Kage

      Wow, TNA are actually trying to imbue the A & 8’s storyline with logic?

      Snarkiness aside, I must admit that I enjoyed perusing the Impact site when it was ‘taken over’. It was very well done, IMO. Why couldn’t WWE do something similar with Nexus or The Shield?

    • jerichoooo

      Its been done but team 3d is dope

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