Cara Teams with Khali, Punk Demands New Match Intro, Fandango

Posted by Matt Boone February 4, 2013 12 Comments

- Fandango worked this weekend’s WWE SmackDown live events, defeating Yoshi Tatsu.

– With Rey Mysterio taking time away from WWE live events, Sin Cara was left to team with The Great Khali over the weekend. They defeated Epico and Primo before dancing with Natalya and Hornswoggle at the end of the matches.

– CM Punk cut promos at this weekend’s RAW live events and demanded to be announced as “The People’s Champion.” This may be something that carries over to WWE TV as he feuds with The Rock.

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    • Beer Money Jobber

      As far as I’m concerned, Punk is the real People’s Champion.
      The Great Khali is such a waste. He is slow & robotic in the ring. He makes Frankenstein look like a world class sprinter. And what’s the deal with the 2 coco puffs on his chest? Does he want to be like Lemmy from Motorhead?
      Why, oh why, do we need to watch wrestlers dance? Another waste of time.

      • Lemmy Kilmister

        that made me laugh haha! – (huge motorhead fan)

      • Ice

        Punk isn’t the real People’s Champion

        • Beer Money Jobber

          I’m one of the people & Punk is still the real champion.

          • WTF

            CM the real champion?? that lil kid cries more than AJ

          • Splodeydope

            Nope. No belt, no champion. Thems the rules.

          • Nicholas Williams

            CM Punk lost to The Rock maing him the WWE…… wait for it…. Champion, also The Rock is, has always been, and will always be the People’s Champion.

      • CM Kash

        LOL, Maybe that can be Khali’s new gimmick- Frankenstein.

    • Rooter

      CM Punk the real peoples champion? Oh look… another internet fan who doesnt know his place.

      • Beer Money Jobber

        I’m guessing you’re a Rock fan; so I’m sure you can relate to this quote, “know your role & shut up.”

      • Eddie Guerrero

        CM Punk was the People’s Champion …. till he started to “turn his back” on the people!

        Anyway, CM Punk & John Cena are the writers’ favourites for good storyline …. including the irritating groupie “The Shield”.
        It’s like the writers are indirectly or passively promoting cowardly attacks of groups on individuals.

        We all love good fights ….. but the recent championship fights of CM Punk contained obvious controversies, thereby tainting his legacy of being the People’s Champion!

        • Nicholas Williams

          His recent matches is the only thing you could think of that would “taint” his title reign, what about the fact that John Cena and Rey Mysterio we’re both WWE Champion the same time as Punk.
          On the same note, in the current era of WWE, CM Punk is the greatest WWE Champion.

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