Cena Filming New Movie At SmackDown Tapings

After last night’s WWE SmackDown! taping in Greensboro, NC, they shot footage for the Nickelodeon movie Fred the Movie 2. The film will feature John Cena, teaming with his “son Fred” to face to bullies. Cena and Fred came out to a specially edited Titantron featuring scenes from Fred’s first movie while the bullies came out to Gangrel’s old theme music.

They used stunt doubles for the kids, and did several takes. The kids in attendance really loved watching the filming process. When they were finished filming the scenes, Cena noted on the mic that the film would be released in October and he thanked everyone for sticking with them through a long night, joking they had to sit through Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. Sheamus then came to the ring and Cena hit the attitude adjustment to end the show.