Cena Going for the WWE Title at Night of Champions?, AW Explains RAW Count Out

Posted by Matt Boone June 19, 2012 8 Comments

- Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter during RAW last night were Chris Jericho, Heath Slater, Roddy Piper, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

– As seen on RAW last night, Abraham Washington had his new team Titus O’Neil and Darren Young walk out of a match against Primo and Epico. AW explained their actions on Twitter:

“”Knowing when to retreat is just as important as knowing when to attack” #ArtofWar #MillionsOfDollars The fact of the matter is, PTP’z are already the #1Contenders. Why waste our time with anyone other than the current #WWE tag team champs?!?”

– Last night during RAW, WWE ran ads for the September Night of Champions pay-per-view in Boston that teased John Cena returning to the WWE Title picture. The voiceover said, “John Cena returns to his hometown of Boston to try and re-capture championship glory.”

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    • wwe sucks

      really ??? cena again for champion ??? is it time already…. why not fire everyone else…. and give cena enough main events and air time…. ironicaly i feel he is not getting enough….

    • wwe sucks

      i dont know what the hell is tna doing… why dont they step up and fight with wwe… wwe cant be lower then right now…

    • Lone Wolf

      The problem with them is that by overusing the same people to be champs we get the same boring crap we see every time. Their so blinded that they don’t realize that they have SO much talent on their roster. Example Dolph Ziggler proved that he’s main event material, his skills are impressive, he can be a perfect Heel champion hell maybe face. We need to see new faces in the main event light, I’m so sick of seeing the same people.

    • b-ri

      it is stupid to put cena in the mix for the wwe title when you have a great storyline for the title already we dont know where the hell its going but we know its a storyline i said earlie that last nights raw would have given ryder the chance to make a name for himself we all know that foolish faces in the wwe dont go anywhere last night ryder could have came out in his hometown and acted like he wanted to congratulate cena then lowblowed the bejesus out of him it would have given the crowd what they want and given ryder a purpose, it would become the main event at night of champions (because apparently cena’ matches are more important than the title) therefore d bryan punk and kane could move on w a.j but nooooo!! the ony way the title will be in the main event is if cena is in the match

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Wow what a slap to the face of punk huh? He tries to be in the main events, but Cena is always in it and some of them aren’t very good ones (except the the Rock/Cena match at mania). WWE are hippocrites because they say, “No one is bigger than the WWE.” And yet Cena is getting most the attention.

      • Triple H

        Don’t forget about ME! i must be the biggest hypocrite of life because at the end of the day it’s all about ME! AND all the attention needs to be on me, why do you think i STILL wrestle even after losing the end of an era match,and and and No one is bigger than the WWE but ME!

    • MIWCreatures

      john cena doesn’t need anymore championships, why can’t he be like shawn michaels as amazing as he was he didnt capture world championship titles in his last days in wwe because he didnt need them. francially im bored as john cena as champion.

      • wwe sucks

        cena will never be at the level of michaels… he is just for the kids.. and wwe is posting superman return after return for year to get kids dosh…

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