Cena On Rock: I Disagree With How He Does Business

John Cena did an interview with Hot Clicks Podcast on SportsIllustrated.com discussing the legit heat he has with the Rock. Cena said that the issue he has is with the way the Rock talked about WWE after he left.

“I disagree with the way he does business,” said Cena. “I congratulate him on all his success. He’s had a Hall of Fame resume in WWE. His movies have grossed over $1 billion worldwide. But if was my career path, I would have done it differently…I disagree with some of the decisions he made.”

He added, “All that time being gone, and the total process he took to try to reinvent himself. I can show you magazine covers that say ‘The Rock is Dead,’ or ringside interviews where he’s said, ‘I’ll never go back to wrestling.’ Just talking bad about the vehicle that got you to the dance, and then when the dust settles wanting to come back to the dance.”