Cena on Why He Won’t Turn Heel, New WrestleMania 29 Set Photos

Posted by Matt Boone April 5, 2013 11 Comments

- NorthJersey.com has an article about John Cena and all the charity work that he does with WWE. Cena brought up the charity work he does when talking about not turning heel:

“To sacrifice all that I do for a short-term story… it doesn’t seem worth it.

– Courtesy of CBS New York, here are some more photos of the WrestleMania 29 set:

WM Set 1

WM Set 2

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    • http://twitter.com/bahamutali Quan Williams

      I don’t buy it. Randy Orton was still able to connect with the fans and do charity work despite being a heel.

      • raidmar

        i’ll give you one even better. how about Hulk Hogan. all the things he did for the same Charity Cena’s doing things for,MAWF back in the day,
        then he turns and makes the what became one of the greatest heel groups
        in wrestling history in the NWO. Yes, Cena is being a baby over turning
        heel. if Hogan can do then Cena damn sure as hell can do it. hell, if he turns heel he actually might get cheered by people who aren’t under the age of 10

    • True Fan

      Dude! Your the same as Vince you don’t care about what the fans want. You debuted as a heel which got you to where you are,are you too good to play heel?? I guess you didn’t here those “Boring” chants on Raw that you got during you’re promo. YOU’RE DULL!!!!

    • Kage

      Cena will then turn heel at WM.


    • Josh

      Randy Savage was heel, lots of charity work with children.
      DDP was heel, still did “Banging it out for books” and was very successful with it.
      Cena = BS

    • Jobber

      Maybe he is just saying that to make people say “there is no way John Cena will turn” to make it more of a surprise when it happens. He is the face of the PG era WWE, which we have clearly moved past and into a new era. I expect a heel turn in the near future no matter what he may say or do to make people think otherwise.

    • raidmar

      and who says it’s for a short term story. if it was me i’d turn him heel for at least a minimum of two years. on another Cena note, can someone please find another theme song for Cena PLEASE!!!!, if JBL’s time was up and John Cena’s time was now EIGHT years ago, how in the hell can it be Cena’s time now in 2013. trust me, i was digging it when it first came out but now it’s just got boring just like him.

    • NwNo

      So what you people are saying is that there is more money to be made by fans over 10 who have access to there parents wallets. These over 10 fans are gonna bring in more then the tantrum brats begging there parents to look like cena?

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Cena could turn heel, travel through time and kill Hitler and cure cancer…the tools of the IWC would still find a reason not to like him. I say good for him for standing his ground in a decision that would make zero difference in the long run. Turn him heel why? So people will boo him? Check mark, done and done.

      • kben122456

        That’s not his job to stand his ground. He is a pro wrestler, and if the fans are calling for a heel turn that’s what should happen. Why is Cena an exception to this? Ratings are more important than selling merchandise. Oh, and please don’t give me the predictable, “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it,” BS. We care about the product and we want to see it succeed. That would be like, “Oh, my kid is a bad person so I’m just going to disown him/her.”

    • D.Z.Fan

      Ziggler is a heel, and look at what he his doing.

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