Cena Talks Issues With Rock At WrestleMania, Christian Pulled From WWE Events

Posted by Matt Boone October 10, 2013 3 Comments

-John Cena appeared on Dan LeBatard’s ESPN 2 show today. When asked what was the most shame he ever had in wrestling, Cena referenced losing to The Rock at WrestleMania in Miami. Cena said, “There is a huge back story to the match. Things didn’t go the way he wanted. Maybe in 20 years me and The Rock will get around a table and talk about it.”

-WWE has officially pulled Christian from their weekend live events in Providence, Rhode Island and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christian was scheduled to work against Alberto Del Rio on both shows, but has been pulled and will be replaced by The Great Khali. Additionally, Christian has been pulled from the upcoming WWE tour of Mexico.

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    • Rockman Rex

      I think Rock didnt want it that way for 3 reasons 1) Miami is his backyard, and if Cena won it here (yes l live here in Miami), he would have so much heat and hard boos from the crowd. 2) Cena called him out years ago, saying he walked out of wrestling without proper closure to his career. He mocked Rocks love and passion for the WWE and fans, and ask why did he leave if he loved it so much. 3)Rock felt he didnt earn himself to beat him, especially what was at stake and outcome of it, what may have been .But Rock agreed to lose to Cena and give up the WWE Title at WM 29, not too far from Cena’s home turf. So at the end it was a fair tradeoff.

      • bunnyskisses

        Shawn nice comment

    • Barbara Noortajalli

      Ok really. Dixie Carter is on something. Maybe drunk who knows. I do know both TNA and WWE need new writers. Both are using old material

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