Charlie Sheen: RAW 1,000 Social Media Ambassador

Posted by Michael Bluth June 26, 2012 8 Comments

Actor Charlie Sheen will be attending WWE’s 1,000th RAW Celebration on July 23rd and will serve as the  for the three hour broadcast.

During RAW, Sheen will give his unique perspective in 140 characters or less about the action. wrote about Sheen’s role:

“During the three-hour milestone event July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network, the “winning” actor will entertain his 7.5 million Twitter followers and the WWE Universe all night long with his unique 140-character analysis of the action.”

Sheen will be promoting his new show, Anger Management, which premieres this Thursday on FX.

  • 40 dawg

    let’s see if sheen can stay sober for a full 3 hours.

  • undertaker316

    lol charlie sheen on raw

  • Beer Money Jobber

    If Sheen’s going to be on RAW, the WWE might as well invite Scott Hall back too. At least Sheen would have a drinking partner.

    • T 980

      Stop it. That’s too much #Winning for wrestling fans to handle.

  • TRazor

    Shush, they’re bringing legitimacy back to the WWE!

  • Jesse Ventura

    Well the facts are that I am a former Navy Seal and Governor of Minnesota and Barack Hussain Obama is ruining this country.

  • This Fire Burns

    men men men men menly men men men…
    and he went to a show full of *men* blowing vince backstage to get a push?

  • Long Island Jabroni

    Imagine 50 Cent being on RAW

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