Chavo Guerrero Interview: What Would Eddie Guerrero Think Of Today’s Product?

Posted by Matt Boone October 17, 2013 3 Comments

In a recent interview with The Daily Star out of the United Kingdom, TNA Impact Wrestling performer Chavo Guerrero spoke about what he feels the late Eddie Guerrero would think of today’s pro wrestling product.

“I don’t think he’d like it too much the way it is now, because it is hard for a young wrestler to get that seasoned experience,” noted Guerrero. He continued, “You can disguise it all you want with explosions and pyro and entrances, but when it comes down to it in the ring, it’s you and that other person. That’s it.”

Guerrero concluded, “People don’t get the chance to travel these days and learn how to wrestle, how to perfect this art.”

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    • Bob Backlund

      That’s a load of crap coming from Chavo. He knows that Eddie loves to entertain the fans more than anything else. This is just a straight shoot to WWE from Chavo.

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        Try a sniper shot. He’s being very subtle but that was directed straight at Wwe

    • yoyo

      He has a point. Eddie was in AAA, New Japan, ECW, WCW, then finally WWE where his character/skill were already refined. Some of these new wrestlers have only a couple years on the road before Vince/Dixie take a gamble and put them on national TV.

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