Chris Jericho Joins Dancing w/ The Stars, Disses TNA

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 7 Comments

– It’s been rumored for weeks and now it’s virtually confirmed: reports that former WWE superstar Chris Jericho will in fact be a contestant on the upcoming season of the hit ABC show, Dancing With The Stars. Jericho has reportedly turned down two offers in recent years to join the show due to his WWE schedule. Jericho’s partner will be professional dancer Cheryl Burke.

The other celebrity contestants on this season will be actress Kirstie Alley, rapper Lil’ Romeo, and former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson. The cast will be officially announced tonight on ABC during the network’s broadcast of The Bachelor.

— Chris Jericho appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show over the weekend and ripped apart TNA for the lame “3/3/11″ video that aired at the end of last week’s iMPACT! TNA had hyped the “most shocking moment of the year” – and delivered a weak ripoff of WWE’s recent 2/21/11 videos. Here’s what Jericho said about the 3/3/11 video and why its a perfect example of whats wrong with TNA:

‘It drives me nuts and I’ll tell you the reason why. I am the biggest fan of TNA as a concept. I want them to be huge, Vince wants them to be huge because the more competition there is, it’s better for the business, it’s better for the boys, it’s better is for the fans. I don’t understand their obsession with copying the WWE I think it’s lame, I think its bush league and I don’t get it, they have some of the best talent, some great idea men. Why do they do this? Why do their guys go out there and say ‘When I was in the WWE I was left behind and I was held back’.”

“If I was working for TNA I would project that it’s the greatest wrestling company in the world because if you’re not projecting it, why is anyone going to believe it? When we were in ECW it was small, I never made more than $250 a show but you would die for that company and when you came across that way, the fans came across that way and suddenly you have this underground revolution going on and it was real, it was a revolution, people believed it was the best. No one in TNA believes they are in the best company and if they don’t believe it then why am I going to believe it as a fan? Why am I going to buy their product?”

“It’s just so bush league, they can do better than that and the guys on top there should know better and it really makes me mad because they’re wasting money and they don’t have to be wasting money but I’m not burying TNA I’m saying you should be ashamed of yourself because you can do better.’”

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    • Random guy

      Thank you Jericho for saying what many of us have been thinking. It’s about time someone in the business really laid into TNA like that.

    • Hollow Bonez

      Gotta love Y2J. He is right. TNA is not going to become big OR better the wrestling biz if they copy every WWE storyline and reuse wash up talent. Its even sadder that it got the point of stealing promos. wow

      • starkiller22

        its not just using wash up talent, i get that part of. They get a failiar face regardless if they are “washed up” in ur eyes. Let me ask u this though. Would you consider them “washed up” if they didnt feel the need to mention that they were in WWE and talking crap. I mean it hurts their character and its stating the obvious, we know where u came from lol

    • i am god

      damn straight !

    • starkiller22

      I dont think im going to ever dis TNA again cause y2j just said everything that can be said, literally.

    • The Rock

      yeah y2j is right.. gotta believe to themselves.. and do thing own thing and storyline..

    • ED

      The beauty of Jericho’s statements and the way he presented them is in the way he’s not ‘hating’ on TNA or bashing them unsubstantially. Jericho comes from a very diverse background having been involved on a major level with every major wrestling promotion of the last 20 years, and his perspective is invaluable. HTM’s statements about Hogan recently were AWESOME and things that needed to be said, but it would be easier to dismiss him as a disgruntled old timer who has beef with Hogan and is therefore bashing him. Jericho on the other hand is still a top player in the game and his opinion carries more weight because of it. I just hope all the recent TNA criticism from people within the industry, and not just irritated internet bloggers, will FINALLY be enough to make TNA take a good long look at their product and eliminate the elements and people who are destroying it.

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