Chris Jericho Says Farewell To His Fans, Dolph Ziggler Responds

As we saw on Monday’s WWE RAW, Chris Jericho lost a “WWE Contract vs. Money In The Bank Briefcase” match on RAW to Dolph Ziggler, effectively ending his current WWE run. Following Monday’s RAW, Jericho tweeted a farewell message to his fans:

Jericho also congratulated his opponent for finally getting the best of him when both of their backs were against the wall:

As we’ve been reporting for months, Jericho is leaving WWE to tour with his metal band, Fozzy. WWE talent and employees have been saying their goodbyes to Jericho over the weekend at SummerSlam and last night at RAW. Jericho assured people that even though he has other goals to achieve with Fozzy, he’s not retired from WWE and will be back.

Dolph Ziggler responded to Jericho’s tweets, complimenting his rival while getting in one last dig: