Jericho Responds To Heyman’s Rant, WWE Unifying Title Belts?

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter in response to the rant from Paul Heyman:

“I agree with @HeymanHustle diatribe and I would like to add one more piece of advice. To really make it in this business…. you have to be willing to take a chance. And if that pisses some people off than so be it! Stop being so nice. Nice doesn’t cut it.”

– There is once again talk of WWE merging the Intercontinental and United States title. With WWE recently bringing back the classic IC title and the US title held by comedy act Santino Marella, WWE will likely drop the US title after a unification match.

There are no plans to unify the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight title because WWE likes having both belts defended on the separate RAW and SmackDown live events.

– Former WWF announcer Sean Mooney is now the co-anchor for NBC Tucson, Arizona affiliate KVOA. Mooney also runs a production company in the area.

– Trainer Joe DeFranco has published part 2 of his article on Triple H’s pre-WrestleMania 28 workouts.

– The official theme song for WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view is “Unstoppable” by Charm City Devils.

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