Chris Jericho Speaks On Meeting Ultimate Warrior In WCW, Being A Fan Of His

Posted by Matt Boone April 28, 2014 1 Comment

The following are highlights of a recent BANG Showbiz interview with Chris Jericho:

On meeting Ultimate Warrior in WCW: “I only treat people the way that they treat me and I only met Warrior once and he was really gracious and really cool to me back in 1998 in WCW. He was there to do something with Hulk Hogan and I remember I went up to say hi to him and he went, ‘Hey, Chris Jericho, I know you, you’re doing a great job you’re doing some good work.’ I was a nobody at the time and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, the Warrior likes me that totally smokes.’ It made me feel that I must be doing something right and it gave me a little bit of a boost and I always remembered that … He’s definitely a legendary guy that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, I’m glad he got to go in when he was still alive.”

On being a fan of Warrior: “As a fan in the late 80s when Warrior came out, he had this energy, this intensity and his look; he was like a heavy metal guy – or he came across that way – and so was I, so I liked that. I always respected him as a performer, some of his matches were pretty quick I remember he came in the Winnipeg arena once and beat Andre the Giant in 30 seconds, at the time I was like, ‘What a rip off! That sucks.’ But I remember WrestleMania VI where he had a classic with Hulk Hogan, much like a lot of guys from that time period he had good matches when he had the right opponent.”

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    • Bulkster

      Its a real travesty the run they booked Jericho to have as the first Undisputed Champion. Almost as horrible as the one they gave The Miz. Y2J should’ve been an all time great.

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