Chris Jericho Talks About His Cryptic Promos & “Silent Return”

Posted by Brad Davis May 21, 2012 0 Comment

recently spoke to The Sun about his current WWE run, touring with Fozzy this summer and more. Here are some highlights of what Jericho said about:

His Feud With WWE Champion CM Punk:

“It was a blast. It was the reason I came back. I went to meet with Vince in August to discuss working Wrestlemania with Punk. I knew we could do something with the ‘best in the world’ thing, and it amped up really well with the alcohol thing.

“It’s all about the storyline to get you to the match and I thought both matches were great.

“All that I care about is that I walked out of both of them feeling very vindicated and very happy with both. They were both excellent matches to add to my résumé.”

The Little Girl In His “End Of The World” Promo Videos:

“[Fans] were looking too deep into it — WAY too deep. It was just supposed to be a creepy thing. My idea was that it was the Mayan calendar in 2012 saying it’s the end of the world and I was going back and it’s the ‘end of the world as you know it’. It’s the end of the way that you used to live and it’s a new world.”

“The girl we just put in because she was creepy looking. There was never supposed to be a girl coming in with me — there wasn’t a change of plan. It was exactly what it was intended to be — a cryptic little cool thing that led to me coming back and doing what I did.”

Not Saying A Word When He Returned To WWE In January:

“That part was Vince’s idea. He was the one that suggested that and I thought it was great. I like to do something different that people don’t expect. That’s what I’ve always been about, in everything I do.”