Chris Jericho Talks About Leaving WWE, Punk Ripping Him Off

Posted by Brad Davis April 19, 2012 24 Comments

Chris Jericho appeared at the Revolver Golden Gods 2012 Awards last week and was interviewed on the red carpet before the event. Jericho revealed that his current WWE run will end before SummerSlam, when he plans to go on tour with Fozzy. Jericho said he and Fozzy intend to release new music by the end of August and plans to be on the road touring with Fozzy by then. Jericho also gives his opinions on who would win between wrestling and metal personalities.

The latest issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Chris Jericho, who talks about his current WWE run, when he plans to leave again, his fued with CM Punk and much more.

Jericho said before CM Punk started “ripping him off”, he had no intention of coming back to WWE and was happy with what he was doing. “But when I saw C.M. Punk performing all of my stuff, it inspired me to return and remind everyone just what’s going on.”

Regarding his rumored departure from WWE this summer, Jericho said he might leave and come back again. “I outclass everyone in the company. It’ll be the end when I decide it’s the end. I might leave and then come back. Listen: When you get to this level, you don’t have to play by the rules anymore. When I can’t compete at a top level anymore, then I won’t come back.”

Jericho said he would consider working a schedule similar to the Undertaker’s, where he’d be presented as a “special attraction” and could come and go as he pleases.

He also said he recently changed his whole training regime and diet, but did not mention DDP Yoga specifically. “I made a lot of overall changes, lost a lot of weight. And when you’re physically sharper, that makes you mentally sharper as well.”

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    • Prabhu Prasad

      dont come back to wwe ever again

      • Nick fury

        No , You Dont Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever come back to

        • John Lazzaro

          Oh the Y2J jerkoff quote

      • VTRN

        Dude, need to see you and Y2J in a match!!!!

    • Linda Stromberg

      Rock on!!!!!

    • Linta

      Real WWE fans will mis u………

    • adsaf

      Prabhu show some respect – –
      If you were a real fan you’d be somewhat sad

    • Aduha Dx

      The Ayahtolla of the Rock”n”Rolla…the real BEST IN THE WORLD….cm punk is such a shit to him,wen talkin about the prime……….Was damn shock wen the straight edge charismatic Punk comes and unrespectfully stole/copied “THE BEST” status….such a little whiny bitch popping up from no name Indie Wrestling joint while Jericho was already a wrestling HERO in the whole of Japan not to even mention the top performing run in WCW and WWF…and WWE

    • A.T


      • Michael Allen

        Mark calaway was only good when he was the american bad ass.. the undertaker bit wasn’t even good when he first appeared as the the undertaker. They had him beating most of the superstars who would normally crush mean mark callous or texas red.. lol.. I didn’t think he would still be there, much like hogan, flair and steamboat were to us in the 80’s the undertaker is awesome to all of you who started watching in the 90’s.. I think his time is done if not yet it will be soon. I bet when he loses at wrestlemania.. retirement will soon follow

    • kiran Khalid

      Don’t come back

    • damond salary

      he should tryout tna impact wrestling. best of luck 2 him #chris jericho

      • larry

        tna sucks. they are using they kind of crap that put ted turner out of the wrestling business with the NWO and hulk with his black whiskers and white mustache. same old story didnt work 15 years ago and it wont work now

        • PimpSteady

          tna is alot better then wwe atm. just so you know Hulk Hogan took the wwf out of the shadows and made it a house hold name.then turned wcw into one of the highest rated shows in history of cable that pushed vince to drop the clowns and creat legends.then hogan returns to wwe and had more support as a heel then john cena in his home town. hulk hogan is a wrestling god. old young id pay to see hulk before punk,Cena or the all mighty sheild! there dressed up like the big boss man

    • R.A

      Read your books.takes balls to leave when ur making a pile of dough.

    • VTRN

      You will be missed Y2J… Punk will see his downfall… And yes he sort off tries to copy you!!!!

    • HitmanAbst

      CM Punk to me is a rip off of Jericho, because at the time Jericho was claiming to be the best in the world at what he does, CM Punk was shave peoples head and recruiting them in his Straight Edge Society! I don’t like CM Punk because the guy can’t wrestle. He’s also not entertaining on the mic neither! His heel character is ok, but I think the best heel WWE has had within the past 5 years is Randy Orton! He beaten everybody back then. HBK, HHH, Cena, Jericho, Batista, just to name a few, have all been victims of the Viper’s RKO. He even said he enjoyed being heel! And there isn’t a heel, or guy right now that could accomplished what Randy did as a heel. The only heel WWE seems to invest in would be CM Punk. Punk has not had impressive wins lately, nor has he ever beaten the amount of superstars Orton has beaten! Randy was a goood heel because he won most of his matches fair and square by pinfall! Punk tends to win by distractions and interference. Also Vince is behind whatever stunt WWE pulls! Especially screwing people over in matches and contracts!

      • Thomas

        Edge was a bigger heel than orton. Heck edge had beaten cena, hbk, jericho, orton, cena, undertaker, HHH and batista. Orton has actaully never beaten edge. Also edge sold more, was more over, was a bigger attraction, was better in the ring and was way better on the mic than orton. Edge vs cena fued and edge vs undertaker fued, heck even the edge vs mick foley fued was better than ortons fueds with them superstars. Jericho was a better heel than orton to. Edge > Orton

        • Bernard Anthony

          Randy Orton Pinned Edge on Raw in the middle of the ring years ago. It was before they formed Rated RKO.

    • HitmanAbst

      Jericho should feud with Undertaker, and have a stare down at the Royal Rumble!
      I’m sure they could have a last man standing match!

    • Gronk

      Jericho lost it years ago. I remember when he was originally Y2J and i couldn’t wait for him to leave because his act was so annoying. Then I was kind of excited to see him come back because he used to be great. Once he returned I realized why I wished he was gone in the first place. He became X-Pac…just a filler for better personalities that were up and coming.

    • aholee

      I have nothing but respect for Jericho, my daughter who has developmental problems was in California, she was at an event that featured Jericho, my daughter asked to take a picture with him and he told her to wait a few minutes and after the event he took time to give her an autograph and posed for several pictures with her, it meant a lot to her and I’ve been a Jerichoholic ever since. Thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

    • Doug Denslowe

      I haven’t liked Chris since he cut his hair;his Trademark!

    • EDDIE


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