Chris Masters Apologizes For Tweeting “Gun To His Head” Picture

Posted by Brad Davis August 20, 2012 11 Comments

Former WWE superstar Chris Masters Tweeted a photo on Sunday afternoon that got a lot of people questioning his mental state and his well being.

Masters tweeted a shirtless picture of himself holding a gun to his head with the caption, “My only fear of death reincarnation!”

If holding a gun to his head isn’t a bad enough sign, he was also holding a drink in his other hand, which could mean he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the stunt.

Alcohol + Guns pointed at heads = Probably not the best idea!

Masters posted an apology on Monday:

“I apologize to those who took the gun pic serious.Wasnt real!And I am not suicidal at all.But why are we all so uptight nowadays.Just a pic!”

Here’s the picture in question:

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    • 40 dawg

      he’s right, people have to jump all over anything these days

      • real 40 dawg

        Yeah especially when someone uses anothers name. Use your own post name and stop using mine.

        • Chris

          like you’ve just done?, except for putting “real” in front??

    • D.D. Brown

      People may be making a bigger deal out of it than perhaps necessary, yes, but after so many have taken their own lives in the wrestling business it can get to be a VERY touchy subject. Very real people have lost very real friends and loved ones from that very combination in the joke picture. It’s just not a joke to someone who’s lost someone they care about to suicide.

    • Jj Vaness

      When you tweet, your statement is now public. You have your 1st amendment right to say whatever you want… but when you’ve said something public, and there are 6 billion people in the world who (could) see this…. its going to be news. You can do that shit with your friends…. but tweeting that is obnoxious. Anything you say on Twitter can and should be used against you, just like drunk pictures on facebook. Just like what Barack Obama said in a speech 13 years ago; once its public, it can be brought up

      • Mr 561

        Great points

    • Will Strawn

      His body his choice lol. I have no problems with suicide.

    • Patrick Pumphrey

      Yeah Show the gun who care’s lol

    • shazzam

      any one else notice on his display pic thing when he poses he is doin a duck face?

    • Benjamin Bruehling

      it’s a hangover joke, how many drinkers out their woke up with one going, “good god, just shoot me now”

    • Rick Rudd

      Looks like hes been hitting the bottle more then the gym lately… #lettingyourselfgo!

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