Chris Masters Debuts In TNA (Picture)

Posted by Michael Bluth June 8, 2012 29 Comments

Former WWE star Chris Masters competed in a dark match prior to Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida. He lost to Robbie E.

Check out this picture of Masters in TNA:

  • EVAN


    • i-wanna-be-HHH

      What’s his new name? The Christerpiece Mast Christers???

    • Orko

      exactly what i thought when i first saw him

  • thefan

    its all happening :) TNA all the way!

    • thefan

      LOL. What’s happening? Another guy WWE didn’t want is on their show?

      • tnafuckwwe

        talent is talent who gives a fuck, chris is only 29

        • damien sandow

          u do realize wrestling is scripted right? i mean tna is already owned by paul (triple h) who is a share holder for the wwe thusly tna is owned by the wwe and is there baby. its the minor leagues where as fcw is like aaa. c’mon think about it, use your brain a little bit, realize what is so obvious and in front of your feeble minds

          • ZED87

            ” i mean tna is already owned by paul (triple h) ”

            What stuff you been smoking as of late dude?

          • TL Scott

            Wow!…Why don’t you pull your head out of your boyfriends lap, do some research, study the business and figure out who owns what and where on a corporate level. All you’re doing by saying these things is making yourself look like a COMPLETE JACKASS! Grow UP!…*fuck stick*…

  • Ice

    So he makes his TNA debut and loses to Robbie E??? Yeah way to go TNA!

    • masturpation

      it was a dark match – so prob a tryout. i hope he takes out garret bischoff. at least masters is an actual wrestler

    • Blooper T

      The only reason he lost to Robbie E because he didn’t have a matching sweater of his own.



  • Richie

    Umm I thought he was just released. Wasn’t he working there as Anthony Nese?

    • GhostDistortion

      Surely you must be joking? Anthony Nese is about half the size of Chris Masters. I bet you think Hornswoggle is Crash Holley too?

      • noob

        come on man.. everyone knows hornswoggle is spike dudley!!

  • TurdHammersley

    TheFan and I are the same guy, we both ooze TNA sperm from our pores.

    • thefan

      I will do anything for TNA… ANYTHING. ;)

  • hooting hooters hooting

    back on the steroids i see

  • Chester Thomas

    He has had a lot of time to wipe himself into shape. Got his old physique back I see.

  • Mark Henry

    I became a fan of him on his WWE Superstars run, Masters is a great wrestler.

  • Christopher J Gould

    TNA is a joke. its a generic brand of wrestling ran by old-time douchebags who should be retired (aka eric bishoff) WWE is the top name in wrestling always has been always will be. TNA will be bought out in the near future. im just sad it wasnt sooner

    • TurdHammersley

      no your the joke

      • Say’m Saroosh Ma’Leek

        No hes right think about it tna uses all the wwe rejects Example Aj style had one tryout match for wwe and officals hated him, wwe makes stars like hulk hogan who indeed should have retired by now

        • TL Scott

          PLEASE do your research and study your wrestling history before running your gap like you know what your talking about.

          AJ was offered a contract by WWF in 2002 but turned THEM down because his wife was attending college and and he was not willing to relocate to Cincinnati, Ohio. I think the offer was around 500$ a week to train at Heartland Wrestling Association.

  • CM Drunk

    He looks good and TNA should use him better then his second run with wwe

  • Matt Rayfield

    WWE does not own TNA people, Steve Sting Borden would not be working TNA shows if he were he’d be given a HOF status like flair and he would not be wrestling as much and would not be getting any major pushes like he is with TNA.

  • Matt Rayfield

    Oh and while i am at it Sting and vince mcmanhon have never ever been able to fully work out any contract dealings. Sure Vince may have always liked him and wanted him. But he would have never fully pushed him correctly either ala Christain having the IC at the moment.

  • shahar

    Why he did not appear in Slammiversary? It’s pathetic that Robbie E is in TNA and Chris is not signed and he also loses to him

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