Christopher Daniels Apparently No Longer With TNA

Posted by Matt Boone April 23, 2014 11 Comments

Christopher Daniels noted on Twitter today that he is officially a free agent. As previously reported, Daniels’ contract with TNA was set to expire, and many felt that he may not re-sign with the company as he was one of the last few guys who had a large contract and would likely be asked to take a cut in pay.

Daniels tweeted the following on Wednesday:

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    • D

      Thank you for your years of service in TNA. Now please, ride off into the sunset gracefully.

    • HottRoddTX

      another GFW hopeful, or maybe ROH.

    • tnafan69

      tna is over

    • daoils

      quick WWE snap him up

    • Will Olson

      Wwe is returning to the land of the giants. They have no want of smaller, athletic types. They like stiff, bruisers. Shawn, and bret are exceptions to the rule, as they were not traditional high flier types like the cruiserweights of the 90s

      • Are You Watching?

        Land of the giants? Daniel Bryan is WWE Champ for cryin’ out loud haha

        • I Was Watching

          And CM Punk before that

          • Me Too

            Don’t forget Ambrose/Rollins in the Shield, The Usos, Del Rio, Ziggler, RVD, etc. No one wants to watch lumbering oafs anymore. Hell, even Hornswoggle and Torito have a rivalry now haha

            • Will Olson

              Since when does one match equate to a rivalry? None of those are main event players. Wwe has said that they are not interested in non wrestlers, but more interested in indy guys. However, they like bigger guys.

            • Chump Police

              They had a confrontation at the HOF, brawl on Main Event, singles match on Smackdown, 6-man tag match on Raw another match on Main Event. Like, do you not have the WWE Network, bro?

        • Will Olson

          Only cuz the fans made it happen. Management (vince) did not care for daniel bryan as a major role. But now, he is one of the exceptions.

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