Christopher Daniels Explains How TNA Can Compete with WWE

Posted by Matt Boone March 11, 2013 9 Comments

Christopher Daniels talked about how TNA could complete with WWE during an interview with Red Eye Chicago. Here is what he said.

“Well I think a lot of it has to do with just awareness of the brand,” Daniels said. “So many people, especially lapsed wrestling fans from the boom back in the late 90’s – early 2000’s, a lot of wrestling fans sort of went away. And they aren’t really aware that there is another brand now, now that WCW closed and ECW closed. A lot of people went away right after that, and they’re not really aware that there’s another brand out, other than the WWE, just sort of enjoy professional wrestling.

“And the truth of the matter is sometimes it’s hard to be different from the WWE when you’re trying to gain those same viewers. Sometimes there’s a tendency to sort of follow in the footsteps of the WWE. And so it’s sort of a fine line where you want to be recognizable as professional wrestling but you also want to set yourself apart from what some people consider the standard of professional wrestling, which is the WWE.

“So I think the challenge for us as individuals is try to stand out. Try to get people talking. Try to get that word of mouth out about our product. Not just ourselves but the entire roster as a whole. Trying to get people talking about the differences in our talent. The differences in terms of the stories we’re telling in the ring. Trying to get some buzz about the things that we’re doing.”

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    • WTF

      The first step in improving TNA is getting rid of the trash they have that’s destroying TNA

    • Chyna

      Start by creating your own story lines then or at least drop some when WWE isn’t doing them.

    • Jackie Priest

      TNA had all the tools to compete with WWE years ago, but that time has come and gone.

    • Rick Richardson

      The first step would be getting rid of Hogan and Bischoof, because they only care about themselves just look at WCW.

    • Hurricane-jeb

      Well you had it, now lost it. TNA was more unique and that had people talking even the news feed. maybe if the company starts over again put the six sided ring, the x division and let wrestlers speak there minds. AND PUSH THE MAIN WRESTLERS WHO STARTED AND BEEN WITH THE COMPANY SINCE DAY 1. And get rid of HOGAN AND BISCHOFF Who pretty much created another wcw. Then you will have people talking again.

      • I-Ben-Dover4

        yes I agree with this.

      • JackSilver

        yes I couldn’t agree more

      • Glen

        Agree. I stopped watching soon after the six sides became four. My interest came back after Ace Ventura/Joker Sting came about. But that’s gone too.

    • TexansFanatic

      how you going to be different when you pick up the talent that was not making it there or either just got burnt out and wanted an easier schedule?

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