Chyna Goes On Another Crazy Rant About Vince

Chyna hit Twitter today and went on another long rant about Vince McMahon and WWE. Vince/WWE didn’t reply to her last rant, so it’s not clear what brought this second one on.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Tell you what . When you start treating me like the World Champion Queen of Sports Japan and grappling w best in the world and compare my

and the reason for Vince McMahons Billion Dollar company and all the effort and hard work that never ends even in the face of abuse, and

and violence and rape tapes and cyber horror and gossip and accusations about drugs or alcohol or anything else. And you treat me like the

Star that I AM. VIVIDS Biggest right now and I feel safe and rested and am happy with all info..just to show up, on time. Then we’ll talk.

Until then. Everything cancelled till further notice. As far as extra bookings. My agent btw?? Is me. I’m good with me. Not good w media

If I have to do this TILL I’M BLUE IN THE FACE!!!!! I will! When u stop and say no more. Stop pushing me (ahem that’s mild) u recall a lot!

Plain and simple watch Ali and Foreman fight! If ur still a wrestling fan right now there’s really something wrong. Crazy! Yeah, they are!

the Death pool thing is disgusting. Does Vince think this is funny? You should ask him? Very entertaining right? Better yet just shut up.

Untill anyone has been raped on tape, extorted, abused and had broken hip neck ribs and had their eyeballs squeezed out of their eyeballs? “