CM Punk & AJ Lee Reportedly Dating (Photos)

Posted by Brad Davis October 21, 2013 15 Comments

CM Punk and AJ Lee are now dating, according to Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW Superstar Konnan.

Last month, “The Straight Edge Superstar” and the WWE Divas Champion were shown seated together at Wrigley Field during WGN’s broadcast of a Chicago Cubs versus Pittsburgh Pirates game. This naturally jump-started rumors online, especially on social media—some fans on Twitter have stated that they were blocked by Punk for mentioning Lee to him in messages.

Konnan learned of this tidbit from his source within the sports-entertainment organization. While addressing WWE happenings on the MLW Radio podcast, he stated, “I would also to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, I don’t know if that’s public knowledge.”

Punk had been romantically linked to former WWE talent Amy “Lita” Dumas as recently as last spring. Co-host Court Bauer asked Konnan, “He’s done with Lita?” He responded, “Yep.”

Konnan continued to dish on Punk, stating that some people in the company feel he has a “huge head.” Furthermore, the former Max Moon reveals that Punk once “hated” fellow top star John Cena for similar behavior.

“To me, it’s like, alright, you waited all this time to become a big star, and all those guys that had a big head, that you hated, like Cena,” said Konnan. “And now you have a big head. You need to bring your s**t down back to ground.”

He reiterated further, “I was told by my source in WWE that CM Punk has a big head and he’s conceited.”

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    • ???

      wonder why punk broke up with lita

      • BestThingGoing

        Lita a ho didn’t you know?(not pretty either)

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      FIrst it was this one ugly chick from his (Punks) dvd, then Kelly Kelly, then Maria, then Beth, then Lita, and now AJ…prepare for another heart to be broken.

      • hardcore-truth

        I swear he is a player. Who digs crazy chicks in real life 2. Maybe lita cheated on him 2

    • George Costanza

      Yeah, Punk should really take advice from Konnan… lol

      You don’t need a “source” to know that Punk thinks highly of himself. I don’t even think he would disagree with that statement. Konnan probably needs attention

    • Bam Bam

      Doubt this is even true. Most if the pics are from when he was WWE champ and that was part of the storyline. The rest are just them two out as friends.

    • chrissi calvert

      Apparently its not true. Konnan is talking BS again

    • “DTM”

      If you want to believe this garbage then so be it. 24 is so marked out it isnt even funny. All I can say is the AJ thing isnt true and Konnan has his reasons for what he said. Phil doesnt even talk to him so I have no idea where he got that crap.

    • Mufugga

      but in all honesty who hasnt CM Punk boned….. Best in the wooooorld lmao

    • anonymous

      Glasses? Nerrrrd alert!

      • Blaire Sovereign

        No but they’re real, she actually needs them to see and read dude. (it’s hipsters who wear glasses unnecessarily)

    • HAMMER

      I think it’s great if they’re dating. AJ’s a cool chick and would look good on anyone’s arm.

      • hardcore-truth

        Cool chick . I think u meant to say crazy chick

    • Ken

      So the hell what be who have the same job and work together date all the time
      .I don’t know why people are making this a big deal just leave them alone and stay out of their business. People act this like Jesus walking in a donut shop

    • Blaire Sovereign

      Punk is conceited? I don’t find that hard to believe in the slightest, what a fucking shock.

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