CM Punk & AJ Lee Reportedly Engaged, AJ Wearing A Ring On RAW

Posted by Brad Davis April 1, 2014 16 Comments

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and former WWE Superstar CM Punk are engaged, according to a report at AJ Lee will be moving to Chicago soon to live with Punk.

Fans may have noticed that AJ was sporting what appears to be an engagement ring last night on RAW.


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    • Eddard Stark

      Brace yourselves… CM Punk hate and jealousy is coming.

      • eddard stark blow balls

        its better that the two bellas bitches any day of the week.

    • yoyo

      AJ will now lose the title at mania. =/

      • mak

        future divas champ Naomi

        • yoyo

          Nope, it will be Nikki Bella.

          • FoleysMom

            Nope, I think you mean Brie Bella.

            • troll

              nope, it will be cena

      • Blake Parker

        As punishment for being happy

    • troll

      boo. AJ is too good for punk.
      too bad her pusssy is already stretched by some black dude too

      • Right to Censor

        Uncalled for.

        • Right to Troll

          Your face is uncalled for!

          • Right to Party (Post-Fighting)

            Good one…?

      • Jay Lethal

        That “black dude” is Jay Lethal, who by the way had a great time with your mom last night. Now go back to bed, son. :)

        • Guy

          Wait… Jay Lethal is black?

    • Kris Godwin

      10 people don’t realise it’s April 1st.

    • chrissi calvert

      So AJ wears a ring on that finger and everyone is calling engagement. Did anyone think that the ring may have been a family heirloom and that is the only finger the ring fits correctly on?

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