CM Punk Asked About Retirement & His TNA Run, Speaks on “Selling Out”

Posted by Matt Boone May 29, 2012 4 Comments

- A fan asked WWE Champion CM Punk if his run with TNA back in the early 2000’s will be covered on his upcoming DVD from WWE. Punk said he thinks it’s mentioned.

Punk was also asked when he will retire from professional wrestling. He replied, “Way sooner than you think.”

Finally, Punk wrote the following in response to fans saying he sold out:

“I enjoy people’s opinions on my”selling out”for various reason.As if I’m supposed to feel guilt for being successful.Hard work.No shortcuts. If you’re good at something, never do it for free. I remember people in Chicago being pissed at the fact I worked two shows in the same day. People who couldn’t do what i do. When you want something, you go after it. When you work harder than everybody else, you get it.”

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    • GhostDistortion

      CM Punk is by no means a sellout. I remember CM Punk as a little kid in IWA-MS. Didn’t even really look like the same guy and then in his ROH days and his run in FIP. The TNA thing just sucked. They had no idea what to do with the guy and turned him into a lackey for Raven all the while he’s feuding with the guy on the Indys. Good logic TNA, just proves TNA has never known what they are doing. CM Punk didn’t sell out at all. He’s been great everywhere he went. I enjoyed his run in OVW and then his debut on WWECW was the only reason I watched that crap.

    • Ice

      i still dont see what the fans are calling him a “sellout” for???

    • Jeff

      I’ve heard of musicians selling out, but professional wrestlers? How does one sell out in a wrestling career? Punk has no merch that I no of outside of the WWE, he hasn’t done movies, he hasn’t done TV, he doesn’t promote himself for things outside of the WWE, so I don’t understand where the idea of him “selling out” comes from. Why? Because they put the strap on him? That’s ridiculous. The only complaint I’ve had for Punk is this last ridiculous storyline with Jericho. He (the writers I’m guessing, I don’t know if he and Jericho wrote their own material like Jericho and HBK did) whined and cried about Jericho bringing up his “personal family information” when just about four short years ago, he did the same thing to Hardy with Hardy’s real life personal life, around the time that Hardy left for TNA. To me, that was very hypocritical and didn’t cast him in a good way for this whole storyline. But once again, that’s all writers. Nothing on him really. Back to point, the idea that Punk has sold out has absolutely no basis. Closest I could come to sellouts in the WWE would be Rock, Cena, Hogan, those guys.

    • vinzerx

      You go, Punk. I support you all the way.

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