CM Punk Dresses The Urn Up, MVP’s Tokyo Song, Big E Langston Hypes Raw

Posted by Matt Boone March 25, 2013 7 Comments

- CM Punk tweeted a recent photo of the urn that he stole on last Monday’s Raw episode, with the caption, “Ladies and gentlemen. I give you….Urn Anderson.”

– MVP provided an update on his song “Tokyo”, writing on Twitter, “My song #Tokyo has been listened to almost 9000 times. 309 downloads. 700 more & I’ll post a new song! Thanks!!!”

– Big E Langston commented on tonight’s Raw episode, writing on Twitter, “Tonight, there will be…NO…BROTHERLY…LOVE! #TerriblePhillyCliches #Raw #WWEPhiladelphia”

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    • Some Random

      Lmao ‘Urn’ Anderson … Strong Goatee/10.

    • I should write for WWE

      What about Randy Ort-Urn?

      Or Daniel Bry-Urn?

      Or even The Urn-dertaker??

      • I should write for WWE

        David Urn-tunga
        Kofi Kingst-Urn

        and for the distasteful among us: Urn-wen Hart!!! :(

        • I should write for WWE

          Kurt Urn-gle
          Urn Cara

          • I should write for WWE

            Ok guys.. stop trying to come up with your URN responses!! I know you Urn!
            Urn Up

        • kobashiwaaawaaa

          Kurt Urn-gle
          Stone Cold Steve Urn-stin
          and my personal fave: Mr Mc-Urn!!!

          • koko b ware

            Big E Langst-Urn
            Seth Roll-Urns

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