CM Punk News: Turns Down Movie Offer, WWE’s Big Plans

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that CM Punk decided against taking a WWE Studios movie role. Stephanie McMahon reportedly offered Punk a role in a movie called “No One Lives.”.

Stephanie apparently though Punk was perfect for one of the characters, who was not only a “scumbag,” but also a “dirtbag.” The official character description reads: “30-something scumbag with dirtbag good looks and soulless eyes.”

Punk said he considered the role, but ultimately passed.

WWE is really behind Punk right now, and apparently have big plans for him later this year. WWE is hoping to release a new wave of CM Punk merchandise and get him in a WWE Studios project by the end of 2011. There has also been talk of giving Punk the WWE Championship at some point, but nothing is set in stone.