CM Punk Poops His Pants On SmackDown, The Miz Films With The Muppets

Posted by Matt Boone December 4, 2013 11 Comments

- WWE Superstar The Miz and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey filmed a segment with The Muppets on Tuesday for a YouTube series that Ramsey is involved with. The story of the segment is that the two went to visit a food truck run by the Swedish chef. For those interested, the segment will be online in the next week.

– Apparently WWE Superstar CM Punk pooped himself during his match at the WWE SmackDown television taping. Punk wrote about the incident on his official Twitter account on Tuesday evening. He tweeted the following:


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    • Desperado

      u guys r idiots. what makes u think he was bein literal? CM PUNK the most sarcastic person of all time. damn fools

    • WWETitle

      1st Cena now Punk!

      • ThisGuy

        Hundreds of wrestlers have, these aren’t the first two.

    • danielle

      the pooping during a match happened to cena early in his career, not cena.

    • danielle

      it happened early in cena’s career , not punk . oops

    • shawn jackson

      Hope that his oil doesn’t get checked.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny is surprised the WWE hasn’t had a “poop your pants” match to boost ratings……of course, it would have be Cena vs Orton.

      • Guest48585748575939

        It would only make sense. WWE has been crapping the bed lately anyway.

    • Jennifer L Diamond

      ok when are the superstars going to learn if they are going to eat before a match to take immodium AD or start wearing depends under their gear.

    • Raymond Smith

      cm poop lol

    • Konico

      Since when did pooping one’s pant become a style statement ?

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