CM Punk Says His Match On RAW Was “Garbage” & He’s Sick Of Traveling

Posted by Brad Davis January 2, 2014 12 Comments

CM Punk’s match against Seth Rollins from Monday’s RAW received mixed reviews from fans online – and now Punk himself is among the people who think they under-delivered. In response to a fan who said the match was good, Punk tweeted:

He also said he’s sick of traveling, another sign that he’s burned out and might be questioning how much longer he wants to endure the demands of being a WWE Superstar:

* VIDEO of CM PUNK vs. SETH ROLLINS From RAW – Was It Really “Garbage” ?

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    • Derp

      He’s been sick and tired for the last 2 years. CM Punk is the whiniest bitch in WWE. Great wrestler, great crowd worker…annoying attitude, needs to shut up.

      • Ǎ.Ĵ.

        maybe you should get your ass beat on night after night no time off to go home and be a normal person then maybe you will see where he is coming from in the mean time sut the fuck up after all he is my man

        • WTF

          Oh shut up and go join the Wyatt Family you psycho hoe

    • Rockman Rex

      Preach it A.J. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • i Am GoD

      they dream to be on the big league then when they’re in gain fame then they complain . maybe you shouldnt try going into the big league in the first place

      • sdgsdg

        private twitter acc, if you like wrestling watch the shows and don’t stalk them dudes on twitter ;)

    • Tony Horton

      I liked punk as champion, then went down hill. I hopehe quits and I see him working at the local Walmart someday becuz hes to broke.

      • Randeee Horton

        Are you crazy?? His run at the top, PPV Bonuses and Merch royalties ensures Punk is set for life. Get a clue…

        • Guest

          If he can get Joey Mercury’s house out of Foreclosure then that should tell everyone he has some bank.

    • Rodzilla87

      that match was epic 2 me. that match showed what u can c at a Ring Of Honor show. Plus, I like CM, but he wanted 2 b part of the biggest wrestling company, and has 2 deal with it, but yea it’s bs that WWE runs their top talents into wrestling every show with aches and pains.

      • Gambit

        I was in attendance for that Raw and even though the match was enjoyable I would not say it was epic in my opinion. There were a couple of botches in the match and it did not seem to a typical CM Punk match which are usually very good. Good and entertaining yes epic no.

        • Oscar

          Agreed. I’m pretty sure we had the same vantage point on that one ;)

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