CM Punk Spotted At Concert In Illinois, New Steve Austin Video Blog

Posted by Matt Boone April 5, 2014 4 Comments

- For those asking if CM Punk is in New Orleans this weekend, he was actually on stage at an “Against Me!” rock concert at the Durty Nellie in Palatine, Illinois on Friday evening. Obviously this doesn’t mean anything one way or the other, as he could still very well show up in New Orleans tomorrow or Sunday, although we haven’t heard anything like that at this point.

– The following is a new Steve Austin video blog, which is available on the official WWE YouTube channel.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin shows off his workout area – Video Blog: Apr. 4, 2014

“On the set of “Broken Skull Challenge,” Steve Austin shows of his homemade workout area.”

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    • D

      And in the end, he walked out. Again.

    • :)

      CM Punk’s Unofficial Anthem:

    • Bulkster

      Don’t tell me that people are still expecting him to show up at Wrestlemania. Yeah, maybe Elvis and Tupac will be there too.

      • monty

        he will be there bet on it

        3 ways possible:

        Battle Royal winner
        comes out to help DB win the title which he has stated DB deserves
        comes out and declare himself into be in the main event yes he can do it because well he is Punk and this is wwe lol

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