CM Punk Still Receiving Checks From WWE For Merchandise Sales

Despite initial reports to the contrary, the latest word going around is that CM Punk is still receiving his merchandise checks from WWE. As noted on Thursday, WWE has been continuing to sell Punk merchandise, including the distribution of new Punk merchandise at WrestleMania Axxess in New Orleans this past weekend.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has mentioned several times when reflecting on his walkout of WWE that during his hiatus, he was not receiving money from WWE, including profits earned on his merchandise being sold. He noted when talking about Punk walking out on the company during recent podcasts and media interviews that Punk is leaving tons of money on the table, but apparently that is not the case.

At the time Punk walked out on the company, he was the number two merchandise-mover, trailing only John Cena. At this point in time, while the latest official figures have yet to come in, it is believed that he is still among the top five wrestlers in the company in terms of current merchandise sales, and possibly as high as number three.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio)