CM Punk At Tough Mudder Event (Photo), Note On The Rock’s “Hercules” Film

Posted by Matt Boone May 11, 2014 24 Comments

- The Rock’s new film, “Hercules,” is scheduled for a July 24th release in Australia. The United States release is scheduled for July 25th.

– The following is a photo of CM Punk at the “Tough Mudder” event in Chicago, Illinois this past Saturday night.

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    • Dustin Harp

      I’m Serious is that A beer in Cm Punk’s hand Please nooo

      • bo

        think that can is a code red mountain dew

        • http://ДжонДоу.ru/ John Doe

          it’s a can of coke. You can see the Coke font near his fingers.

          • mom doe

            looks like a monster

      • good

        or a monster

    • Niggasteve

      Hes fat

    • charley ramirez

      Chunky Monkey

    • Gotta give him credit

      Punk is a smart guy. He worked his way up to the very top of professional wrestling and saved his money. He made a name for himself and is able to retire and live comfortably off his earnings. There is no real need for him to return and one day he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Every one of us would do the same and would love to be in his position. Lets not forget that he gets to ram AJ every night as well.

      • Warrior Widow

        Yeah then have a heart attack a few days after

        • Jacob Rael

          Wow just wow, no class man

    • Jam

      Fuck man he’s out of shape

      • D

        Nah, that’s just the indy look.

        • #тroopaтнeѕcoop

          7/10 most indy guys are fat and or lanky

        • Jam

          You got that right

    • AM Real

      Cool that he took the time to take a picture with a fan…some reports make him out to be a dick…

    • Bolieve

      I bet the people saying he’s fat would love to be that “fat”

      • Mike Brailsford

        Ha, I was !

    • jayinbmore

      he’s not fat, i would kill to look that good. if that’s fat, i would really hate to see what people call skinny….anorexia? bulimia?

    • jayinbmore

      “fat” is the dude standing next to him

      • #тroopaтнeѕcoop

        naw he’s just heavy thats not fat

    • Mr_Owns

      If punk is fat he is happy!!!

    • Matthew

      Why is this bum with a shitty work ethic still being reported on? He’s a fucking cry baby loser who didn’t get what he wanted and threw a bitch fit because of it. And any apologizers who claim that he was burnt out or whatever his excuse is: too fucking bad. He knew what was involved when he signed the contract and he wasn’t man enough to handle it. He’s a fucking loser of sub par talent and no real personality of his own to speak of. And that my friends is the truth, despite whatever picture these sites and his reporter friends want to paint, you can’t refute the facts.

      • matthew suck dicks

        why are losers like you comment on this story too. You look like fucking dick and by the sound of you cry like a little bitch too

    • bbt bazinga!

      Is that cm punk or Will Wheaton? Heh

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