CM Punk’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He’s Retired

Posted by Brad Davis May 8, 2014 18 Comments

Natalie Slater, CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend and close friend, has written an article for talking about the downside of his fame. Without mentioning him by name, Slater writes:

“My friend can’t go to Target. He can’t go to Great America, the grocery store or any mall anywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him escape a restaurant without getting Instagrammed by diners at nearby tables. People mob him in the airport and tweet angrily when he doesn’t stop to sign autographs because he has a flight to catch.

My friend is famous, and it sucks.”

Slater, who has seen the craziness Punk has to endure in public, says he is retired from pro wrestling and can’t even leave his apartment without being stalked:

“Now, he’s the recently retired seven-time World Champion, and he’s one of the most isolated people I’ve ever known. A few weeks ago he found a young fan and his mom cramming Easter candy into the mail slot of his front door. Just before that, he walked out of his back door to throw out the trash only to be met by fans camped out in his alley for hours just to see him.

We get mad about how much of our information Facebook is selling to advertisers, and this guy has people stalking his Dumpster. But if he complains, people roll their eyes and say if they had his money, they wouldn’t complain about anything. The money? I’m sure he likes it just fine, but I often wonder how much of it he would trade to be able to go to a Cubs game without it ending up on TMZ.”

She worries that some crazy fan might try to stab him and also revealed how Punk feels about the situation:

“The nervous ninny in me lives with the constant fear that someone’s going to stab him. On the rare occasion I can get him out of the house I get to witness how overbearing and creepy people are toward him. “Bodyguard!” my husband and I nag. “That’s stupid,” he says. “What am I going to do, drag some guy around with me forever? Why can’t people just leave me alone?””

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    • crazy bitch

      she a nut

    • troll

      if punk doesn’t want the fame, he should have never gone to wwe.

      • orochi

        or he should have never taken up wrestling at all. he should’ve known better.

    • Long Shlong Ding Dong

      Retired today, hates the fame and people stalking him….. and in 10 years there’s going to be a realty show on MTV called Best in the World

    • Evan Lygeros

      In all honesty though it’s to be expected that when you’re famous, you’ll attract those who worship you.

      But it doesn’t change the fact that there’s something not quite right with our culture when we don’t respect peoples boundaries. A “famous” person like anyone should be respected and given their proper privacy. Their home is not a place any of us should be around. Going after them at the grocery store or in the streets is not the place to get an autograph. There are places and times for such things (conventions, wrestling events, personal appearances…)

      Yeah Punk should have known what he was getting into but people should also snap out of it and leave people their space out of (sorry for the upcoming dirty word) RESPECT.

      my opinion only

    • herp

      Now this is just silly. stab him? gtfo of here with that. he cant go to target and whatever my ass. if chicago loves him so much, which they do, they would leave him the fuck alone and let the man live a normal life. this is just an ex that has sour grapes and wants attention now he’s marrying a smoking hottie like a.j

    • Eric

      Yeah he hates the fame, that’s why he still lives in his downtown Chicago apartment and sits in the stands of every Blackhawks home game. The guys got enough to afford the skyboxes I’m pretty sure. If he really was the freaking hermit that she is describing he would have found a shack in the middle nowhere by now. And isn’t he still on social media? This really sounds more like his friend trying to get attention more then she’s talking about him.

    • GuessWho

      Why is this considered wrestling news? He’s apparently done with wrestling so why do articles like this continue to be posted? And as the post of the day might I add. This belongs on TMZ, NOT 24wrestling. It’s annoying, I don’t care about Phillip or his personal life.

      • Emma

        Once a wrestler always a wrestler. Randy Savage last wrestled for WWE in ’94, WCW in 2000, TNA in 2004 yet his death was all over the WWE website and every other wrestling based website on the internet. You going to tell me that Randy Savage, and to a lesser extent The Ultimate Warrior, don’t belong here? Or is it just more Anti-Punk bias?

        • GuessWho

          No, there’s a difference between personal life and wrestling, that’s what saying. If this were an article about Punk returning, I wouldn’t complain. But this is just his ex bitching about his fame.

        • Raiden

          You seem to forget punk is getting the Benoit treatment. And even so death is different. They once competed in that ring and left a mark. So they are remembered and honored. And so I do agree with you on the, “once a wrestler, always a wrestler.” This article on the other hand, is completely irrelevant.

    • Venomn

      yea,hard life,millions of dollars and wont take a sec or two for the fans-he is so terrified,lol

    • Stevie C

      There is a part of me that says ‘he’s famous he should expect fans’ but he doesn’t need people in his garden or crowding him wherever he goes.

    • Bulkster

      Its probably the same dweebs that chant CM Punk for no reason thats stalking him. Why would you stalk someone that wants nothing to do with you. The guy didn’t even have the decency to say goodbye, and losers are still stalking him. Thats sad. I hope Punk starts pressing charges on people that break the law.

    • jericho

      Best in the world! Sucks he doesn’t want to return, cuz lets be honest, besides daniel bryan, maybe ziggler, maybe reigns, no one truely deserves that belt… or is even entertaining for that matter.. Bray wyatts angles are entertaining but his matches suck.. only good one he’s had involved bryan or the shield so I mean yeah punk left withouy saying goodbye but he was actually a really entertaining dude

    • bluebook

      I HATE this celebrity-obsessed culture. Some times they don’t even like the celebrity, they just want their pic taken with them so that they can brag about it because they won’t lift a finger to do anything for themselves. I don’t give a fuck about the personal lives of the artists I like, I just want to know what are they’re going to do next in their careers. And I don’t care to meet them in person either, they can be shitty people for all I care, I just enjoy what they do. If I can get my picture taken with an artist I like are a concert or a convention, that’s fucking great, but I never go too out of my way to get it. People need to respect boundaries and not be so obsessed with fellow human beings who shit and piss just like the rest of us.

      BTW, TMZ is worse than testicular cancer.

    • RC Gade

      Its crazy that people stalk his home that’s over the line definitely and of course people who bitch about not getting a autogragh need to lighten up. But Punk has to expect people notices him and maybe fans wanting an autograph. As long as they are not going over board it shouldnt be a big deal.

    • Shorty

      who cares what CM punks ex girlfriend have to say

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