Cocern Over Triple H Being Overworked, Jericho Responds To Triple H Again

Posted by Michael Bluth October 23, 2013 7 Comments

- Chris Jericho has tweeted another reaction to Triple H’s promo from RAW, where he said guys like Jericho, Rob Van Dam and Edge were never good enough to be the face of WWE. Jericho’s initial response was:

Thing is @tripleh despite ur major push,u never were either. Good luck in ur future endeavors”

Since then, he added, “No big deal. Always nice to be mentioned on Raw.”

- Despite a lot of criticism regarding the ongoing Best for Business storyline, Triple H is largely considered to be a positive force behind the scenes in WWE. However, some people are concerned that he’s overworked right now and is taking on too many responsibilities too soon.

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  • D

    The current angle needs Trips to help carry it. Without him, who’s left to carry the main angle…Orton? Not likely. Bryan? Hah, that’s cute.

    • Trenton

      The Viper Randy Orton could carry the main event angle by being allowed to shave his head, be clean shaven and go back to kicking ass on bad guys like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Big E. Langston, and defeat them and unleash payback for the insulting, disrespectful, mean, bullying things they’ve said and done to him! By getting back at them or giving them negative consequences for that…they’ll make WWE better and more entertaining…but unfortunately, it appears like WWE’s afraid to take chances worth taking and that would be profitable, enjoyable to others and a major draw!

      • Ice

        Randy Orton can’t carry the main event no more. His character is played out, stale, and is boring to watch. He either needs to change the Viper character, re-modify it, take some time off and return, or bring back The Legend Killer Randy. Just look with Sheamus, an awesome character, and wrestler, but it started getting boring, it was sad he got injured, but that time off is really great for him, since he’ll be fresh when he makes his return.

        • guest123

          you’re right sir, great comment.

      • guest123

        Shut the fuck up. you sound very fuckin dumb. “bullying” yeaaa, fuckin idiot.

  • Kage

    Jericho is a bit of an idiot sometimes.
    I can’ believe wrestlers (WRESTLERS!) were reacting the way they did to Triple H’s promo. Have they forgotten that it’s all a work? That Paul Levesque was playing a character?

    • Ice

      Have you forgotten they’re also doing it to keep it in character. They worked with WWE, so they know how to stay in character. How would it sound if they comment with a positive remark, that’ll be horrible.

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