Cody Rhodes Calls Nancy Grace An Ignorant Sweathog, #CancelNancyGrace Trending

Cody Rhodes is the latest wrestler to chime in on the controversy surrounding Nancy Grace’s Wednesday night TV broadcast looking at the Ultimate Warrior’s death and wrestler deaths related to drugs.

Here’s what Cody said about Grace, who listed Owen Hart, Chris Candido, referees Joey Marella and Mark Curtis as people who died young from drugs (none of them did):

“Why are folks surprised by @NancyGraceHLN ?? She got dumped by a pro-wrestler in the 80s’ and started a life quest to be just awful… …if she was remotely confident in her accusations, she’d interview an active talent, yet she won’t do that because she’d have a… …”Mark Cuban/Skip Bayless” situation, and she would come-off as the ignorant sweathog she actually is.”

In related news, #CancelNancyGrace was trending on Twitter on Thursday.

Video of Nancy Grace’s Segment About Wrestler Deaths From Drugs