Cody Rhodes Interview: Survivor Series, Teaming With Goldust & More

Posted by Brad Davis November 22, 2013 0 Comment

One half of WWE’s tag team champions, , was interviewed by Ben Morse of this week to promote Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what Cody said about:

Teaming With His Brother: : I talked to some people this morning who talked to me last year around WrestleMania and I think they’re as shocked as I am to say, as it is for me to hear, to be one half of the Tag Team Champions with [my] brother Goldust. He’s 44-years old and in the best shape of his career. He didn’t even work for WWE when we started heading in this direction so it’s been a wave of surprise after surprise. It’s excellent. It’s a very happy time in my career and I’m not easily satisfied with what I do. I’m always trying to climb that ladder and this is one of the few times that I’ve looked around, surveyed the landscape, and been pretty happy.

How Long He Plans To Remain A Tag Team Wrestler: “I was talking with Christian, of all people, the other day. I guess he’s been a Tag Team champion like 10 times. Edge was a Tag Team Champion [like] 12 times. I’m at five now and I feel it’s pretty early in my career. I was actually pretty relieved when I heard Edge’s statistics specifically, because I don’t want to be considered a tag team guy. But I do have lots of time left in my career and if there was ever a tag team I want to be remembered for, it would be the one I’m currently in with my own brother …. I’m currently not, to answer your question, itching to get back into the singles world.

Survivor Series: “I’ve been a survivor twice. Both times I ended up like taking a bullet at the end of the match, one for Wade Barrett and one for Randy Orton. So this is a match I think I’ve got good experience in. It’s the match that’s the cornerstone of the pay-per-view. I think some people still remember the Thanksgiving classic that is the Survivor Series with these awesome pairings and “Mean” Gene [Okerlund] would interview all these colorful characters together. That still exists.”

“It’s still the beating heart of that Survivor Series match. You have the polar opposites of the Shield and the Real Americans on one side. You have a character as ridiculous as Goldust, myself, you have the Usos who are also two brothers and you have Rey Mysterio. That’s what I like, the collection. I’ll tell you flat out, it’ll steal the show. There are excellent matches on there, Alberto [Del Rio] and [John] Cena, there’s Randy [Orton] and Big Show. But no match is going to come close to this and those guys can deal with that. It’s the Survivor Series match. I’m very excited about it.”