Concern For The Undertaker’s Health, Austin At WM 27?, More

Posted by Brad Davis February 24, 2011 18 Comments

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– There is some concern within WWE for The Undertaker, as his recovery from his last surgery is going slower than expected. Taker’s been working hard in physical therapy, but the effects are still nagging him. Taker’s match with Triple H at WrestleMania 27 is expected to be the main event.

– Fans may get to see Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania this year. WWE is mulling over the idea of presenting the Tough Enough cast to the audience at the show in Atlanta.

– Top WWE stars like The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and others are traveling in top of the line tour buses, which is a tax deductible business expense. For televised WWE events, Cena travels with Michael Cole and the two are described as “best friends.”

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    • bubba

      cena and cole best friends? wtf hahahahaha

      • Billy

        Lol… Funny man.i don’t think soo

        • uhh….

          you people DO realize that John Cena and Micheal Cole are both essentially actors, right? That whatever you see them do on the screen is scripted and planned?

          • Hollow Bonez

            yea but, how unlikely

            • Josepjh

              uhh… What an idiot! Yes we know they are actors, durr, we know wrestling is scripted dickhead we just all think how unlikely a pair they are!

    • Kub

      Really? Taker/HHH is gonna get the main event? Is taker just gonna get every main event from here on out cause of the streak?

      • Random guy

        Does it matter?

        • deserving

          The Undertaker has worked his ass off for 2 decades for WWE. Not to mention, the fans are more interested in Taker’s streak than they are about the outcome of the championship matches.

          • Save_Us.Y2K

            BS. Most of the last 10 years he’s been injured or taking time off. Yea we get, he wins every year. Yawn. Give me a title match.

            • Beltrax

              I get that but if wwe wants to put more credibility on its championship and new champions,this isnt helping. Wasnt the rumble’s purpose to “main event” mania ( iknow with sd and raw the term is debatable but thats how they pushed it)….But this could be a sign that wwe plans leaving mania with 2 heels as champions,and if thts what it takes to get miz over cena then im fine with that.

    • Darwin

      Would it be better to watch Cena win the title for the umpteenth time as the Main Event instead? The last two years running, Taker’s had the best match on the card [admittedly, because HBK could work] and right now, HHH/Taker is by far the biggest [name-wise] match on the Mania card.

    • Random guy

      I don’t like HHH coming back and automatically getting the main event, BUT they need Taker and are trying to protect the his health at this point. Putting him in the ring with Wade Barrett, who, compared to HHH, is still relatively green, is a risk they don’t need to take right now. And frankly, without Taker, Wrestlemania just stinks.

      He’s really all WWE has right now aside from yet ANOTHER Cena title match. Which makes this 6 years IN A ROW that WWE gives him a title match at the big show. Even Hogan didn’t get that many in a row. And Hogan was far more popular than Cena has ever been.

      I sincerely hope that this is the year WWE starts making real changes to the company, and stops trying to force square pegs into round holes as far as the main event picture goes.

      • sumguy

        just going to echo what someone else said that taker will come back and then either win and then he’s back on the injury list. plz just let taker retire and cole and cena? wow that’s a laugh

    • Armystrong6875

      Taker beats HHH, Then the new world champion Alberto Del Rio runs down and Challenges Taker and beats his streak……….. Oh wait I am dreaming again…. But they need to do something here to spark a more interesting plan on this match. I mean how good is it truly going to be if Taker is still hurting. I just dont think he could pull off a match to the caliber of last year if he is hurt. Why put him in another big match like this for him to take more time off after mania for him to heal properly. Put Taker, HHH against Barret and Shamus in a tag match at Mania. Let HHH carry taker if need be.

    • anti streak

      the streaks getting boring, everyone knows the result. I think they should somehow put a title on one of them, have taker win then have the winner of the mitb match (preferably a young heel, i.e. Swagger?) cash in and beat taker. this would instantly make him top heel in the company. but then cena and the rest of the faces would have to run down and squash him to send the crowd home slightly happy

      • Guest

        So let me get this straight you want to have the MITB winner following Taker’s match come down and pin Taker cleanly, never mind the fact that the MITB determines who gets to challenge for either the Heavyweight or WWE championship.

        No offense but you need to lay off the crack.

        • bmac

          he’s saying give HHH or taker the title win at wrestlemania this mitb winner cash in beating taker

    • starkiller22

      i dont disagree with those 2 main eventing but i will say one thing and that is it just goes to show u what little value these title belts hold. it started with the ic and us title belts and now its moving onto the WHC and WWE title as well, maybe this is old news but it is obvious now

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