Controversy Over Leaked SummerSlam Poster, More Lesnar/Cena Spoiler Teases

As reported recently, Amazon released a SummerSlam DVD pre-order recently, which featured cover artwork that displayed John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar, leading many to assume that Cena would be winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday and headlining the event against Lesnar in August.

After it was released, WWE was reportedly none too pleased that the image was made public and it has since been removed from the website.

Shortly after all of this, however, WWE issued a “news slam” in which they once again teased Cena vs. Lesnar, even going as far as to address the leaked pay-per-view poster. The caption on the “news slam” reads as follows:

“We have an early sneak peek at SummerSlam’s poster, which seems to pit John Cena against the man that brought down the streak, Brock Lesnar. August 17 can’t come fast enough!”

It’s worth noting that even though Cena and Lesnar were featured on the SummerSlam DVD cover, it did not list the two as competing in a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.