Correction on Who’s Inducting Backlund, Does Maria Have Heat?

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2013 3 Comments

- We noted how Maria Kanellis was considered at one point to work a multi-Divas match at WrestleMania 29 with other former Divas. reports that it appears Kanellis has some enemies within WWE because word got out to some of the current Divas and they got Maria’s return nixed.

– Speaking of Maria Kanellis, she went on Twitter and denied reports that she would be inducting Bob Backlund into the WWE Hall of Fame. The original report was wrong as it will be Maria Menounos inducting Backlund, which was actually rumored weeks ago. Menounos and Backlund are friends.


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    • morrisonfanone

      Again with the keep the actors away from the WWE. I beg of you. I wonder what everyone’s got against Maria? They can still do the match, and put Lita in. That’s my suggestion.

      • l

        I wonder if it’s b/c she’s been pretty out spoken about WWE wanting rights to her music career ect & her not agreeing to it as well as her speaking out against certain people & how they handled the divas division ect..leading her to decide to leave. Most of the divas she worked with have departed the company just like her. Seems to me that management would have more of an issue w/ her than the girls themselves.

        • morrisonfanone

          That might be it. You’re guess is good as mine.

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