Curtis Axel, Jake Roberts Speak On Not Being In The Royal Rumble Match

Posted by Matt Boone January 28, 2014 1 Comment

- WWE Superstar Curtis Axel noted on Twitter that he was “pretty pissed” about not being included in the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Axel tweeted:

– WWE legend Jake “The Sanke” Roberts, who had been campaigning for an appearance in the 2014 Royal Rumble for several months, recently shared his comments on not being included in the Royal Rumble on Sunday night. Jake tweeted:

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    • Craig DeBoard

      Who can blame Axel for being pissed? He’s a former IC champion and puts on a great match every time he’s out there and instead we get, JBL.

      And not the good JBL clotheslining the living hell out of people, who could have been puished in the rumble as a former WWE Champion. No, we get goofy behind the announce desk JBL yelling at Cole to hold his coat. He should have just stayed behind the announce desk rather than making a fool of himself.

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