Curtis Axel Speaks On Being A Heel, Winning The I-C Title On Father’s Day & More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with WWE Superstar Curtis Axel:

On playing a heel character in WWE: “I love being a bad guy. I get the freedom of being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. … The reactions you get when you’re a bad guy, when they boo the crap out of you, it gives me goose bumps.”

On winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship on Father’s Day: “When it did happen, my God, all I could think about was my dad and that I know he would be proud of what I did there. When the referee handed me that title, the chills were going up and down and I was trying to fight back those tears… My wife said when I did end up winning and my hand got raised with the title, it was like complete silence in my living room. Everybody was teary-eyed.”

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