Damien Sandow Cashes In And Loses, John Cena RAW Backstage Interview (Video)

Posted by Matt Boone October 29, 2013 9 Comments

WWE Superstar Damien Sandow cashed in his “Money In The Bank” briefcase on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW. After interupting and attacking John Cena’s surgically repaired arm in the opening segment of Monday’s RAW, Sandow officially cashed in his briefcase. Unfortunately for Sandow, Cena ended up getting the win in the match, making Sandow only the second WWE Superstar to cash in his briefcase and not win a WWE Championship.

Speaking of the Cena-Sandow match, the World Heavyweight Champion spoke with Renee Young backstage immediately after his victory. You can check out a Tout video of the interview online at Tout.com.

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    • charley ramirez

      In my opinion he didn’t deserve the briefcase in the first place. I guess WWE just wanted him to already use the briefcase and lose so that they don’t have to put him in a real storyline.

      • guest123

        you’re right! lol

    • Kage

      Yep. I’m officially done with WWE.

      • Darwin

        See you Wednesday for Main Event! :)

    • Guest457906431267

      So Cena, one night removed from fighting a guy whos entire offense is ‘beat up your arm’, fights a totally fresh Money in the Bank winner and beats him cleanly with a finisher that involves his arms.

      Eat all the dicks WWE.

      • guest123

        he didn’t use his “injured” arm you dumb fuck. watch the video. and the way they have built cena over the last decade, you think they would have him lose to sandow? stop fucking bitching moaning. either accept it or watch tna, you little cry baby bitch.

        • LBlock18

          guess we we have a cena lover……..someone on this site let me know when he loses the belt I’m going back to watching indy wrestling videos again wish he was still gone but when it comes to Cena that will never happen……….o and guest123 I won’t bother with TNA either so your cry baby bitch remark can go to someone else

    • Ice

      Superman Cena wins….I guess he wasn’t happy being the only one to cash in the money in the bank, so he went to bury another

      • guest123

        SHUT THE FUCK UP. accept it, like it, or go watch tna. stop fuckin bitching you fuckin cry babies.

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